Holker Old Boys

Kevin Watkin and David Round (Joint)
The Handmark Engineering Stadium

Current Position: 6th

P W D L F A Pts
34 18 3 13 73 57 57

Current Form: 12th

6 3 1 2 15 8

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
15/04/23Runcorn Town (H)W 5-1
13/04/23Cleator Moor Celtic (H)W 4-0
10/04/23South Liverpool (H)L 2-3
08/04/23Daisy Hill (H)L 1-2
04/04/23Chadderton (H)D 1-1
01/04/23Steeton (A)W 2-1

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
No Matches Found

Latest News:

Holker Old Boys First Division North Club of the Month Awards
Holker Old Boys have been presented with two awards for their Club of the Month wins
Holker Old Boys awarded Division One North Club of the Month for March
Kevin Watkin's side recognised for busy and impressive month
First Division North Club of the Month Presentation - February 2022
Holker Old Boys continue a fine season by collecting the First Division North Club of the Month award
First Division North Goalkeeper of the Month Presentation - February 2022
Samuel Stephens picks up his award from Geoff Wilkinson

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O. Score Goalscorers
Sat 30/07/22Chadderton A15:00L 2-3 Jason Walker (10)
Samuel Joel (48)
Sat 06/08/22Daisy Hill A15:00L 2-3 Nathan Reid (40)
Jason Walker (84)
Sat 13/08/22Garstang H15:00W 3-0 Joshua Woodend (5)
Tom Dawson (37)
Jason Walker (53p)
Sat 20/08/22Ilkley Town A15:00W 3-1 Samuel Joel (24)
Jamie Hodgson (87)
Jason Walker (90p)
Sat 27/08/22AFC Blackpool H15:00W 4-3 Jamie Hodgson (24)
Jason Walker (75p)
Callum Fawcett (83)
Nathan Reid (90)
Mon 29/08/22FC St Helens H15:00W 3-1 Nathan Reid (2)
Sean Paterson (27)
Jason Walker (49p)
Sat 03/09/22Nelson H15:00L 0-1
Sat 10/09/22Darwen FCA15:00Postp
Sat 17/09/22Pilkington A15:00L 2-3 Nathan Reid (17)
Jamie Hodgson (53)
Sat 24/09/22Padiham A15:00W 1-0 Nathan Reid (78)
  (The Isuzu FA Vase 2Q)
Sat 01/10/22Ashton Town H15:00W 6-2 Callum Fawcett (24)
Jason Walker (26)
Luke Mitchell (39)
Joe McGladdery (63)
Jason Walker (78p)
Jason Walker (85)
Sat 08/10/22South Liverpool A15:00LOST Joshua Woodend (75)
  (The Edward Case Cup 2 N)
  (1-1 after 90 mins, South Liverpool won 6-5 on pens)
Sat 15/10/22Burscough H15:00LOST Tom Dawson (27)
  (The Macron Cup 1)
  (1-1 after 90 mins, Burscough won 4-5 on pens)
Sat 22/10/22Whickham H15:00W 3-1 William McGladdery (9)
Nathan Reid (39)
Samuel Joel (90p)
  (The Isuzu FA Vase 1)
Sat 29/10/22South Liverpool A15:00W 2-1 Samuel Joel (19)
William McGladdery (84)
Sat 05/11/22Runcorn Town A15:00W 1-0 Jamie Hodgson (13)
Tue 08/11/22SteetonH20:00Postp
Sat 12/11/22FC Isle of Man H15:00W 3-1 Jamie Hodgson (28)
Samuel Joel (43)
Nathan Reid (82)
  (The Isuzu FA Vase 2)
Tue 15/11/22Darwen FCH19:45Postp
Sat 19/11/22Darwen FC A15:00W 1-0 William McGladdery (20)
Sat 26/11/22Steeton H15:00D 3-3 Samuel Joel (18)
William McGladdery (44)
Tom Dawson (84)
Sat 03/12/22Squires Gate H15:00W 4-2 William McGladdery (4)
Jamie Hodgson (13)
Jason Walker (18)
Tom Dawson (63)
  (The Isuzu FA Vase 3)
Tue 06/12/22Euxton Villa A19:45L 0-4
Sat 10/12/22Atherton LRH12:45Postp
Tue 13/12/22Ilkley TownH20:00Postp
Sat 17/12/22Bacup BoroughA15:00Postp
Mon 26/12/22Cleator Moor Celtic A15:00W 4-2 Nathan Reid (14)
Jason Walker (20)
Nathan Reid (29)
Tom Dawson (54)
Sat 07/01/23Euxton VillaH15:00Postp
Tue 10/01/23Darwen FCH20:00Postp
Sat 14/01/23Bury AFCA15:00Postp
  (The Isuzu FA Vase 4)
Tue 17/01/23Bury AFC N19:45L 0-4
  (The Isuzu FA Vase 4)
Tue 17/01/23Daisy HillH20:00Postp
Sat 21/01/23Ashton TownA15:00Postp
Tue 24/01/23Atherton LR H20:00W 2-1 William McGladdery (10)
Joshua Woodend (53)
Sat 28/01/23Garstang A15:00W 6-0 Jason Walker (13)
Nathan Reid (21)
Samuel Joel (36)
Samuel Joel (64)
Nathan Reid (74)
Samuel Joel (87)
Tue 31/01/23Ilkley Town H20:00W 1-0 Samuel Joel (68)
Sat 04/02/23Bacup Borough H15:00W 3-1 Nathan Reid (16)
Jamie Hodgson (57p)
Jason Walker (78p)
Wed 08/02/23Bacup Borough A20:00D 0-0
Sat 11/02/23Nelson A15:00W 3-2 Samuel Joel (59)
Nathan Reid (63)
Nathan Reid (65)
Sat 18/02/23Ashton Town A15:00W 1-0 Jamie Hodgson (60)
Tue 21/02/23Euxton Villa H19:45L 1-3 Joshua Woodend (62)
Sat 25/02/23Atherton LR A15:00L 1-2 Nathan Reid (27)
Sat 04/03/23Pilkington H15:00L 0-1
Tue 07/03/23Darwen FC H20:00L 2-4 Brandon Collins (2)
Joshua Woodend (58)
Sat 11/03/23AFC Blackpool A15:00L 1-5 Brandon Collins (54)
Tue 14/03/23Cleator Moor CelticH19:45Postp
Sat 18/03/23ChaddertonH15:00Postp
Tue 21/03/23Daisy HillH19:45Postp
Sat 25/03/23FC St Helens A15:00L 1-3 Frankie Ellis (84)
Tue 28/03/23Cleator Moor CelticH19:45Postp
Sat 01/04/23Steeton A15:00W 2-1 Tom Dawson (7)
Tom Dawson (54)
Tue 04/04/23Chadderton H20:00D 1-1 Nathan Reid (11)
Sat 08/04/23Daisy Hill H15:00L 1-2 Luke Mitchell (57)
Mon 10/04/23South Liverpool H15:00L 2-3 Patrick Allington (30)
Patrick Allington (89)
Thu 13/04/23Cleator Moor Celtic H20:00W 4-0 Brandon Collins (26)
Jason Walker (29p)
Jason Walker (45p)
William McGladdery (86)
Sat 15/04/23Runcorn Town H15:00W 5-1 Luke Mitchell (7)
Jamie Hodgson (22)
Nathan Reid (43)
Brandon Collins (45)
Brandon Collins (55)

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
30/07/22Chadderton (A) L 2-3
06/08/22Daisy Hill (A) L 2-3
13/08/22Garstang (H) W 3-0
20/08/22Ilkley Town (A) W 3-1
27/08/22AFC Blackpool (H) W 4-3
29/08/22FC St Helens (H) W 3-1
03/09/22Nelson (H) L 0-1
10/09/22Darwen FC (A) Postp
17/09/22Pilkington (A) L 2-3
24/09/22Padiham (A) W 1-0
(The Isuzu FA Vase 2Q)
01/10/22Ashton Town (H) W 6-2
08/10/22South Liverpool (A) L
(The Edward Case Cup 2 N)
(1-1 after 90 mins, South Liverpool won 6 5 on pens)
15/10/22Burscough (H) L
(The Macron Cup 1)
(1-1 after 90 mins, Burscough won 4-5 on pens)
22/10/22Whickham (H) W 3-1
(The Isuzu FA Vase 1)
29/10/22South Liverpool (A) W 2-1
05/11/22Runcorn Town (A) W 1-0
08/11/22Steeton (H) Postp
12/11/22FC Isle of Man (H) W 3-1
(The Isuzu FA Vase 2)
15/11/22Darwen FC (H) Postp
19/11/22Darwen FC (A) W 1-0
26/11/22Steeton (H) D 3-3
03/12/22Squires Gate (H) W 4-2
(The Isuzu FA Vase 3)
06/12/22Euxton Villa (A) L 0-4
10/12/22Atherton LR (H) Postp
13/12/22Ilkley Town (H) Postp
17/12/22Bacup Borough (A) Postp
26/12/22Cleator Moor (A) W 4-2
07/01/23Euxton Villa (H) Postp
10/01/23Darwen FC (H) Postp
14/01/23Bury AFC (A) Postp
(The Isuzu FA Vase 4)
17/01/23Bury AFC (A) L 0-4
(The Isuzu FA Vase 4)
17/01/23Daisy Hill (H) Postp
21/01/23Ashton Town (A) Postp
24/01/23Atherton LR (H) W 2-1
28/01/23Garstang (A) W 6-0
31/01/23Ilkley Town (H) W 1-0
04/02/23Bacup Borough (H) W 3-1
08/02/23Bacup Borough (A) D 0-0
11/02/23Nelson (A) W 3-2
18/02/23Ashton Town (A) W 1-0
21/02/23Euxton Villa (H) L 1-3
25/02/23Atherton LR (A) L 1-2
04/03/23Pilkington (H) L 0-1
07/03/23Darwen FC (H) L 2-4
11/03/23AFC Blackpool (A) L 1-5
14/03/23Cleator Moor (H) Postp
18/03/23Chadderton (H) Postp
21/03/23Daisy Hill (H) Postp
25/03/23FC St Helens (A) L 1-3
28/03/23Cleator Moor (H) Postp
01/04/23Steeton (A) W 2-1
04/04/23Chadderton (H) D 1-1
08/04/23Daisy Hill (H) L 1-2
10/04/23South Liverpool (H) L 2-3
13/04/23Cleator Moor (H) W 4-0
15/04/23Runcorn Town (H) W 5-1

Squad Details

Player Name Appearances Goals Reds Yellows Mom
Patrick Allington *142021
Joe Amison *7 +20010
Jay Barker (GK) *370002
Callum Baynes *2 +10000
Brandon Collins *6 +155010
Harry Copeland (GK) *00000
Reece Cresswell *00000
Tom Dawson *16 +78242
Max Dixon *0 +30000
Dylan Ellis *1 +40000
Frankie Ellis *2 +91000
Luke Ellis *0 +30000
Callum Fawcett *362011
Farryl Foster *0 +50000
Jamie Hodgson *28 +590122
Samuel Joel *24 +510026
Ross Liddicott (GK) *10001
Finley Martin (GK) *00000
Hakan McCracken *34 +30011
Joe McGladdery *5 +61020
William McGladdery *367072
Charlie McGlown (GK) *00000
Harry Mellen *10000
Luke Mitchell *31 +13142
Elliott Moore *3 +110030
Sean Paterson *2 +31000
Daniel Pattinson *1 +40000
Jamie Pattinson *0 +20000
Nathan Reid *37 +117083
David Round *00020
Gareth Smith *0 +70000
Tyler Spence *0 +20000
Samuel Stephens (GK) *30000
Tom Stephenson *00000
Jason Walker *3815056
Robbie Wallace *4 +20000
Kevin Watkin *37 +10081
Tyler Wood *6 +60040
Joshua Woodend *395034

* Indicates player is no longer a member of the squad

# Indicates player is awaiting International Clearance

Staff Members

No Staff Members Found

Matchday Information

Ground: The Handmark Engineering Stadium

Address: Rakesmoor Lane, Hawcoat, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

Postcode: LA14 4QB

Telephone: 01229 828176

Midweek Night: Tuesday

2022/23 Admission Prices: £5 Adults, £3 Concessions. Under 16's FREE

Programme Price: £1.00

Directions: M6 to junction 36, A590 to Barrow until you reach Kimberley-Clark Paper Mill. Turn 1st left into Bank Lane, signposted Hawcoat and Barrow Golf Club, At the T junction turn left into Rakesmoor Lane. Ground 200 yards on the right.

Nearest Railway: Barrow-in-Furness

Nearest Bus Route to Ground: Number 1 Bus from Barrow-in-Furness Town Centre to Hospital

Parking Facilities: Parking is available in the grounds car park

Ground Facilities: The ground is open up to an hour before kick off on match days. There is a bar serving hot drinks, cold drinks, alcohol & snacks pp (hot food on most Match days) - Toilets - SkySports & BT TV - Seating Stand - full pitch view from bar window - Dogs welcome

Additional Visitor Information:

Club Information

Legal Entity: Unincorporated

Ground: The Handmark Engineering Stadium

Address: Rakesmoor Lane, Hawcoat, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

Postcode: LA14 4QB

Telephone: 01229 828176

Website: http://www.hobafc.co.uk

Twitter: @OfficialHOBAFC

Registered Colours: Green Shirts, White Shorts, Green Socks

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Pink Shirt, Pink Shorts, Pink Socks

Alternative Colours: Yellow Shirts, Yellow Shorts, Yellow Socks

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Navy Shirt, Navy Shorts, Navy Socks

Secretary: Gary Fawcett

Chairman: Maurice Watkin

Manager: Kevin Watkin and David Round (Joint)

Programme Editor: Glen Ritchie

Committee / Directors: Maurice Watkin, David Smith, Alan Wilson, Julie Livingston, Paul Muspratt, John Squire, Paul Bones

County Affiliation: Lancashire FA

Year Formed: 1936

Record Attendance: 2,303 v F.C. United of Manchester 2005

Previous Leagues:

North Western League
Furness Premier League
West Lancashire League


West Lancashire League Champions: 1986/87
Lancashire F.A. Amateur Shield Winners: 1988/89, 1990/91

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