FC St Helens

Mike Smith
Windleshaw Sports Ground

Current Position: 1st

P W D L F A Pts
34 24 5 5 81 36 77

Current Form: 5th

6 4 0 2 16 9

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
13/04/24Darwen FC (A)L 3-4
01/04/24Euxton Villa (N)L 1-2
29/03/24Runcorn Town (H)W 3-2
26/03/24Holker Old Boys (H)W 3-1
23/03/24Nelson (A)W 1-0
09/03/24Route One Rovers (H)W 5-0

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
20/04/24Brocton (A)15:00

Latest News:

FC St Helens 2023-24 First Division North CHAMPIONS
The First Division North title was won today in a thrilling battle at Windleshaw
Nathan Dutton-Kay Receives the FDN Player of the Month Award for Feb
The FC St Helens Player has received the February Award for First Division North
FC St Helens Receive FDN Club of the Month award for February 2024
The First Division North Leaders were presented with the award by League Chairman, Paul Lawler
What’s next for FC St Helens after 10 years of amazing progress?
A word with gaffer Mike Smith on the direction and attitude of the boys from ‘Win’dleshaw Rd., 10 years on from the clubs’ formation

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O. Score Goalscorers
Sat 29/07/23Holker Old Boys A15:00W 1-0 Thomas Scarborough (35)
Tue 01/08/23Ashton Athletic H19:45W 3-1 Joseph Barker (45+1)
Joseph Barker (52)
Jonathan Lowndes (87)
Sat 05/08/23Daisy Hill A15:00W 2-1 Harris Saunders (19)
Steve Ashton (57)
Tue 08/08/23AFC Blackpool A19:45W 2-0 Joseph Barker (11)
Brad Green (90+3)
Sat 12/08/23Garstang H15:00W 2-0 Joseph Barker (39)
Nathan Dutton-Kay (85)
Tue 15/08/23Darwen FC H19:45W 2-1 Dominik Stonehouse (20)
Joseph Barker (36)
Sat 19/08/23Shelley A15:00W 2-0 Thomas Scarborough (27)
Thomas Scarborough (32)
Wed 23/08/23South Liverpool A19:30D 2-2 Jack Ball (3p)
Joseph Barker (35)
Sat 26/08/23Atherton LR H15:00W 3-2 Joseph Barker (32)
Dominik Stonehouse (37)
Thomas Scarborough (55)
Mon 28/08/23Nelson H15:00W 5-1 Joseph Barker (20)
Adam Neill (24)
Joseph Barker (66)
Thomas Scarborough (82)
Dominik Stonehouse (88)
Sat 02/09/23Bacup Borough H15:00D 1-1 Joseph Barker (31)
Sat 09/09/23Atherton LR A15:00W 3-1 James Salkeld (44)
Own Goal (83)
James Salkeld (90+4)
Sat 16/09/23Runcorn Town A15:00L 1-2 Joseph Barker (30)
Tue 19/09/23Atherton LR H19:30W 3-1 Thomas Scarborough (52)
Brad Green (59)
Thomas Scarborough (65)
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy 1)
Sat 23/09/23Ashville A15:00LOST Thomas Scarborough (22)
Zak Riley (90)
  (The Isuzu FA Vase 2Q)
  (2-2 after 90 mins, Ashville won 5-4 on pens)
Sat 30/09/23Steeton H15:00W 5-0 Joseph Barker (18)
Joseph Barker (28)
Joseph Barker (45+3)
Joseph Barker (70)
Joseph Doyle (71)
Sat 07/10/23Garstang A15:00W 4-3 Joe Herbert (21)
Joseph Barker (28)
Joseph Barker (45+7)
Joseph Barker (49)
Wed 11/10/23Darwen FC A19:45L 1-4 Christopher Hill (81)
  (The Edward Case Cup 1)
Sat 14/10/23South Liverpool H15:00D 1-1 Joseph Barker (80)
Tue 17/10/23Runcorn Town A19:45L 1-3 Joseph Barker (7)
  (The Macron Cup 1)
Sat 21/10/23Route One Rovers A15:00L 1-2 Own Goal (48)
Sat 04/11/23Ashton Town H15:00L 1-3 Josh Hall (87)
Sat 11/11/23Ilkley Town A15:00D 1-1 Josh Hall (73p)
Wed 15/11/23RochdaleA19:30Postp
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
  (To be played at FC St Helens)
Sat 18/11/23Ilkley TownH15:00Postp
Sat 25/11/23Ilkley Town H15:00W 3-0 Brendan OBrien (9)
Joseph Barker (55)
Joseph Barker (90+6)
Sat 02/12/23SteetonA15:00Postp
Tue 05/12/23RochdaleN19:30Postp
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
Sat 09/12/23Holker Old BoysH15:00Postp
Sat 16/12/23Bacup Borough A15:00W 2-0 Josh Hall (12p)
Joseph Barker (15)
Tue 26/12/23Euxton Villa H15:00W 2-0 Kieran Curtis (17)
Joseph Barker (55)
Sat 06/01/24Shelley H15:00W 4-1 Brad Green (24)
Josh Hall (36p)
Josh Hall (67)
Josh Hall (85)
Sat 13/01/24Ashton Athletic A15:00W 3-1 Thomas Scarborough (66)
Joseph Barker (78)
Jack Ball (82)
Sat 20/01/24AFC BlackpoolH15:00Postp
Wed 31/01/24ColneH19:30Postp
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy QF)
Sat 03/02/24Steeton A15:00W 3-1 Josh Hall (31)
Josh Hall (86)
Nathan Salisbury (88)
Sat 10/02/24AFC Blackpool H15:00W 5-2 Joseph Barker (25)
Joseph Barker (43)
Kieran Curtis (48)
Joseph Doyle (66)
Nathan Dutton-Kay (79)
Sat 17/02/24Ashton Town A15:00D 0-0
Tue 20/02/24ColneH19:30Postp
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy QF)
Sat 24/02/24Holker Old BoysH15:00Postp
Fri 01/03/24Daisy Hill H19:45W 1-0 Josh Hall (24)
Tue 05/03/24Colne A19:45L 1-3 Ethan Van-Aston (28)
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy QF)
Sat 09/03/24Route One Rovers H15:00W 5-0 Thomas Scarborough (17)
Josh Hall (32)
Josh Hall (45+2)
Jack Ball (86)
Connor Spiers (90+4)
Sat 23/03/24Nelson A15:00W 1-0 Josh Hall (72)
Tue 26/03/24Holker Old Boys H20:00W 3-1 Ethan Van-Aston (16)
Joseph Barker (37)
Josh Hall (49)
Fri 29/03/24Runcorn Town H12:30W 3-2 Thomas Scarborough (28)
Josh Hall (36)
Jack Ball (78p)
Mon 01/04/24Euxton Villa N15:00L 1-2 Joseph Barker (67)
Sat 13/04/24Darwen FC A15:00L 3-4 Thomas Scarborough (10)
Kieran Curtis (33p)
Ryan Woods (88)
Sat 20/04/24BroctonA15:00 
  (First Division Champions Cup F)

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
Sat 29/07/23Holker Old Boys (A) W 1-0
Tue 01/08/23Ashton Athletic (H) W 3-1
Sat 05/08/23Daisy Hill (A) W 2-1
Tue 08/08/23AFC Blackpool (A) W 2-0
Sat 12/08/23Garstang (H) W 2-0
Tue 15/08/23Darwen FC (H) W 2-1
Sat 19/08/23Shelley (A) W 2-0
Wed 23/08/23South Liverpool (A) D 2-2
Sat 26/08/23Atherton LR (H) W 3-2
Mon 28/08/23Nelson (H) W 5-1
Sat 02/09/23Bacup Borough (H) D 1-1
Sat 09/09/23Atherton LR (A) W 3-1
Sat 16/09/23Runcorn Town (A) L 1-2
Tue 19/09/23Atherton LR (H) W 3-1
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy 1)
Sat 23/09/23Ashville (A) L
(The Isuzu FA Vase 2Q)
(2-2 after 90 mins, Ashville won 5 4 on pens)
Sat 30/09/23Steeton (H) W 5-0
Sat 07/10/23Garstang (A) W 4-3
Wed 11/10/23Darwen FC (A) L 1-4
(The Edward Case Cup 1)
Sat 14/10/23South Liverpool (H) D 1-1
Tue 17/10/23Runcorn Town (A) L 1-3
(The Macron Cup 1)
Sat 21/10/23Route One Rovers (A) L 1-2
Sat 04/11/23Ashton Town (H) L 1-3
Sat 11/11/23Ilkley Town (A) D 1-1
Wed 15/11/23Rochdale (A) Postp
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
Sat 18/11/23Ilkley Town (H) Postp
Sat 25/11/23Ilkley Town (H) W 3-0
Sat 02/12/23Steeton (A) Postp
Tue 05/12/23Rochdale (A) Postp
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
Sat 09/12/23Holker Old Boys (H) Postp
Sat 16/12/23Bacup Borough (A) W 2-0
Tue 26/12/23Euxton Villa (H) W 2-0
Sat 06/01/24Shelley (H) W 4-1
Sat 13/01/24Ashton Athletic (A) W 3-1
Sat 20/01/24AFC Blackpool (H) Postp
Wed 31/01/24Colne (H) Postp
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy QF)
Sat 03/02/24Steeton (A) W 3-1
Sat 10/02/24AFC Blackpool (H) W 5-2
Sat 17/02/24Ashton Town (A) D 0-0
Tue 20/02/24Colne (H) Postp
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy QF)
Sat 24/02/24Holker Old Boys (H) Postp
Fri 01/03/24Daisy Hill (H) W 1-0
Tue 05/03/24Colne (A) L 1-3
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy QF)
Sat 09/03/24Route One Rovers (H) W 5-0
Sat 23/03/24Nelson (A) W 1-0
Tue 26/03/24Holker Old Boys (H) W 3-1
Fri 29/03/24Runcorn Town (H) W 3-2
Mon 01/04/24Euxton Villa (A) L 1-2
Sat 13/04/24Darwen FC (A) L 3-4
Sat 20/04/24Brocton (A) 15:00
(First Division Champions Cup F)

Squad Members

Player Name Appearances Goals Reds Yellows Mom
Steve Ashton00000
Jack Ball00000
Billy Barker00000
Joseph Barker00000
Elliott Bradshaw00000
Nathan Carnell00000
Samuel Crolla00000
Kieran Curtis00000
Joseph Doyle00000
Cameron Duffy00000
Nathan Dutton-Kay000-10
Matthew France00000
Warren Gerrard00000
Jack Graham00000
Brad Green00000
Josh Hall00000
Joe Herbert00000
Christopher Hill00000
Michael Houghton00000
Steven Hoy00000
Liam Johnstone00000
Jonathan Lowndes00000
Joe Mason00000
Graeme McCall00000
Adam Neill00000
Brendan OBrien00000
Edward Ogunkoya00000
Zak Riley00000
Nathan Salisbury00000
Harris Saunders00000
Thomas Scarborough00000
Ryan Sinnott00000
Connor Spiers00000
Dominik Stonehouse00000
Paul Sweeney00000
Ethan Van-Aston00000
Jack Welsh00000
Dominic Whelan00000
Ryan Woods00000

Former Squad Members

Player Name Appearances Goals Reds Yellows Mom
Samuel Ashton00000
Liam Bott00000
Tony Carney00000
Abdul Djalo00000
Jack Grayson00000
Troy Hives00000
Paul Kyfinn00000
Hal McHugh00000
Alex Noonan00000
Joseph Oldham00000
Harvey Passant00000
James Salkeld00000

Staff Members

Christopher Brinksman Coach
William Chubbock Coach
Jack Graham Manager
Elysia Higham Physio
Phil Jones Coach
Davey ODonoghue First Aider
Michael Smith Manager
Craig Stockley Coach
Stephen Tickle Manager

Matchday Information

Ground: Windleshaw Sports Ground

Address: Windleshaw Road, Denton's Green, Saint Helens, Lancashire

Postcode: WA10 6TD


Midweek Night: Tuesday

2023/24 Admission Prices: £5 GENERAL ADMISSION; U16 & CONCESSION £3

Programme Price: £2

Directions: From the East Lancashire Road head towards St Helens Town Centre onto Greenfield Road, when you get to "ONE STOP " convenience store on the left, take the next LEFT onto Rivington Road and then RIGH onto Windleshaw Road, the Player and Spectator Car Park in situated at the bottom of Windleshaw Road.

Nearest Railway: St Helens Central (1.2 miles)

Nearest Bus Route to Ground:

Parking Facilities: Upto 70 Cars via Private Car park at Bottom of Windleshaw Road

Ground Facilities: Clubhouse Bar, Catering, Function Room

Additional Visitor Information:

Club Information

Legal Entity: FC St Helens Community Interest Company C/N 12103817

Ground: Windleshaw Sports Ground

Address: Windleshaw Road, Denton's Green, Saint Helens, Lancashire

Postcode: WA10 6TD


Website: https://www.fcsthelens.co.uk/

Twitter: @fcsthelens

Registered Colours: Red/White Stripe, Red Short, Red Sock

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Yellow, Black, Black

Alternative Colours: Grey/White, Grey, Grey

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Green

Secretary: Steve Leather

Chairman: Steve Leather

Manager: Mike Smith

Programme Editor: Steve Leather

Committee / Directors: Steve Leather, Judith Hughes, Anthony Gallagher, Karen Armstrong, Grant Lane

County Affiliation: Lancashire fa

Year Formed: 2014

Record Attendance:

Previous Leagues:

Cheshire Football League


Lancashire FA Shield Winners 20/21 Cheshire Premier League Winners 21/22

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