Wythenshawe Amateurs

Wythenshawe Amateurs
Martin Ivison
Hollyhedge Park Community Stadium

Current Position: 12th

P W D L F A Pts
26 10 4 12 38 34 34

Current Form: 3rd

6 4 0 2 14 3

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
14/03/20Stone Old Alleynians (A)L 1-2
07/03/20West Didsbury & Chorlton (H)W 1-0
08/02/20Abbey Hulton United (H)L 0-1
01/02/20St Martins (A)W 3-0
25/01/20Eccleshall (A)W 4-0
21/01/20St Martins (H)W 5-0

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
31/03/20New Mills (A)19:45
04/04/20Vauxhall Motors (A)15:00
07/04/20Ellesmere Rangers (A)20:00
11/04/20Barnton (A)15:00
13/04/20Wythenshawe Town (H)15:00
18/04/20Maine Road (H)15:00

Latest News:

Wythenshawe AFC make an appointment
The NWCFL First Division South side unveil their new Commercial Manager
Ammies awarded funding to improve goal posts at Hollyhedge Park
Wythenshawe AFC awarded funding to revamp football facilities
Former EFL striker appointed forward's coach at First Division South side
Ex-Mansfield Town striker Graham Leishman appointed forward's coach at Wythenshawe Amateurs
First Division South side announce new management team
Martin Ivison appointed full time 1st Team Manager of Wythenshawe Amateurs

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Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O Score Goalscorers
Sat 03/08/19Stockport Town A15:00W 2-1 Alan Dolan (10)
Terry Mupariwa (48)
Tue 06/08/19Cammell Laird 1907 H19:45W 1-0 Alan Dolan (62)
Tue 13/08/19Abbey Hey H19:45L 2-5 Kelfala Sheriff (11)
Kelfala Sheriff (57)
Sat 17/08/19Alsager Town A15:00D 0-0
Tue 20/08/19Barnton H19:45W 3-0 Samuel Adewusi (36)
Kayle Power (85)
Terry Mupariwa (90+1)
Sat 24/08/19Abbey Hulton United A15:00W 1-0 Nosa Iyamu (73)
Mon 26/08/19Maine Road A15:00D 1-1 Kayle Power (17)
Tue 10/09/19Cheadle Town H19:45L 0-1
Sat 14/09/19Selby Town H15:00L 1-3 Dominic Lillie (38)
  (The Buildbase FA Vase 2Q)
Tue 17/09/19Stone Old Alleynians H19:45L 2-4 Louis White (75)
Own Goal (79)
Sat 21/09/19Cheadle Heath Nomads A15:00D 1-1 Joseph Denman (80)
Sat 28/09/19New Mills H15:00L 0-2
Sat 05/10/19Stockport Town H15:00W 3-2 Jordan Burton (18)
Daniel Egan (48)
Louis White (73)
  (The PlayerMatch.com Cup 2)
Sat 19/10/19ChaddertonH15:00Postp
  (The Macron Cup 1)
Sat 26/10/19St MartinsH15:00Postp
Sat 02/11/19FC Oswestry Town H15:00L 0-1
Tue 05/11/19Daisy HillH19:45Postp
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
Sat 09/11/19Chadderton H15:00W 2-1 Brandon Byers Wilkes (11)
Travis Boyles (26)
  (The Macron Cup 1)
Tue 12/11/19West Didsbury & ChorltonA19:45Postp
Sat 16/11/19Vauxhall Motors H15:00L 1-2 Travis Boyles (30)
Tue 19/11/19Cheadle Town H19:45W 3-2 Ryan Briody (10)
Travis Boyles (15)
Ross Aikenhead (16)
  (The Macron Cup 2)
Thu 21/11/19Daisy Hill H19:45W 4-1 Travis Boyles (25)
Travis Boyles (75)
Travis Boyles (83)
Travis Boyles (85)
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
Sat 23/11/19Cheadle Town A15:00L 2-4 Travis Boyes (48)
Christopher Howard (61p)
  (The PlayerMatch.com Cup 3)
Tue 26/11/19Ellesmere RangersA20:00Postp
Sat 30/11/19Abbey Hey A15:00D 3-3 Ashley Woodhead (20)
Daniel Egan (40)
Dominic Lillie (60)
Tue 03/12/19Bamber Bridge A19:45L 1-5
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy QF)
Sat 07/12/19Ashton Athletic A15:00L 0-6
  (The Macron Cup 3)
Tue 10/12/19St MartinsH20:00Postp
Sat 14/12/19New MillsA15:00Postp
Tue 17/12/19West Didsbury & Chorlton A19:45L 1-2 Brandon Byers-Wilkes (51)
Sat 21/12/19Eccleshall H15:00L 0-2
Thu 26/12/19Wythenshawe Town A15:00L 0-1
Sat 28/12/19Alsager TownH15:00Postp
Sat 04/01/20FC Oswestry Town A15:00W 3-2 Travis Boyles (19)
Ross Aikenhead (30)
Own Goal (36)
Tue 07/01/20Sandbach United A19:45W 3-1 Travis Boyles (40)
Samuel Parr (49)
Travis Boyles (51)
Sat 11/01/20Sandbach United H15:00L 0-2
Tue 14/01/20Alsager TownH19:45Postp
Sat 18/01/20Ellesmere RangersH15:00Postp
Tue 21/01/20St Martins H20:00W 5-0 Louis White (6p)
Dominic Lillie (38)
Arthur Okonkwo (61)
Quirino De Ataide (65)
Ross Aikenhead (71)
Sat 25/01/20Eccleshall A15:00W 4-0 Quirino De Ataide (21)
Riley Hamill (35)
Christopher Howard (41)
Travis Boyles (85)
Tue 28/01/20Ellesmere RangersA20:00Postp
Sat 01/02/20St Martins A15:00W 3-0 Quirino De Ayaide (3)
Quirino De Ayaide (83)
Arthur Okonkwo (89)
Tue 04/02/20Alsager TownH19:45Postp
Sat 08/02/20Abbey Hulton United H15:00L 0-1
Sat 15/02/20Cheadle Heath NomadsH15:00Postp
Tue 18/02/20Ellesmere RangersH20:00Postp
Sat 22/02/20New MillsA15:00Postp
Tue 25/02/20Ellesmere RangersA20:00Postp
Sat 29/02/20Cammell Laird 1907A15:00Postp
Tue 03/03/20Ellesmere RangersA20:00Postp
Sat 07/03/20West Didsbury & Chorlton H11:00W 1-0 Christopher Howard (4)
Tue 10/03/20Alsager TownH19:45Postp
Sat 14/03/20Stone Old Alleynians A15:00L 1-2 Brandon Byers-Wilkes (6)
Tue 17/03/20Ellesmere RangersH20:00Postp
Sat 21/03/20Stockport TownH15:00 
Tue 24/03/20Cammell Laird 1907A19:45 
Sat 28/03/20Cheadle Heath NomadsH15:00 
Tue 31/03/20New MillsA19:45 
Sat 04/04/20Vauxhall MotorsA15:00 
Tue 07/04/20Ellesmere RangersA20:00 
Sat 11/04/20BarntonA15:00 
Mon 13/04/20Wythenshawe TownH15:00 
Sat 18/04/20Maine RoadH15:00 
Tue 21/04/20Alsager TownH19:45 
Sat 25/04/20Cheadle TownA15:00 

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
03/08/19Stockport Town (A) W 2-1
06/08/19Cammell Laird (H) W 1-0
13/08/19Abbey Hey (H) L 2-5
17/08/19Alsager Town (A) D 0-0
20/08/19Barnton (H) W 3-0
24/08/19Abbey Hulton (A) W 1-0
26/08/19Maine Road (A) D 1-1
10/09/19Cheadle Town (H) L 0-1
14/09/19Selby Town (H) L 1-3
(The Buildbase FA Vase 2Q)
17/09/19Stone O.A. (H) L 2-4
21/09/19Cheadle Heath (A) D 1-1
28/09/19New Mills (H) L 0-2
05/10/19Stockport Town (H) W 3-2
(The PlayerMatch.com Cup 2)
19/10/19Chadderton (H) Postp
(The Macron Cup 1)
26/10/19St Martins (H) Postp
02/11/19FC Oswestry (H) L 0-1
05/11/19Daisy Hill (H) Postp
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
09/11/19Chadderton (H) W 2-1
(The Macron Cup 1)
12/11/19West Didsbury (A) Postp
16/11/19Vauxhall Mtrs (H) L 1-2
19/11/19Cheadle Town (H) W 3-2
(The Macron Cup 2)
21/11/19Daisy Hill (H) W 4-1
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
23/11/19Cheadle Town (A) L 2-4
(The PlayerMatch.com Cup 3)
26/11/19Ellesmere Rngrs (A) Postp
30/11/19Abbey Hey (A) D 3-3
03/12/19Bamber Bridge (A) L 1-5
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy QF)
07/12/19Ashton Athletic (A) L 0-6
(The Macron Cup 3)
10/12/19St Martins (H) Postp
14/12/19New Mills (A) Postp
17/12/19West Didsbury (A) L 1-2
21/12/19Eccleshall (H) L 0-2
26/12/19Wythenshawe Town (A) L 0-1
28/12/19Alsager Town (H) Postp
04/01/20FC Oswestry (A) W 3-2
07/01/20Sandbach (A) W 3-1
11/01/20Sandbach (H) L 0-2
14/01/20Alsager Town (H) Postp
18/01/20Ellesmere Rngrs (H) Postp
21/01/20St Martins (H) W 5-0
25/01/20Eccleshall (A) W 4-0
28/01/20Ellesmere Rngrs (A) Postp
01/02/20St Martins (A) W 3-0
04/02/20Alsager Town (H) Postp
08/02/20Abbey Hulton (H) L 0-1
15/02/20Cheadle Heath (H) Postp
18/02/20Ellesmere Rngrs (H) Postp
22/02/20New Mills (A) Postp
25/02/20Ellesmere Rngrs (A) Postp
29/02/20Cammell Laird (A) Postp
03/03/20Ellesmere Rngrs (A) Postp
07/03/20West Didsbury (H) W 1-0
10/03/20Alsager Town (H) Postp
14/03/20Stone O.A. (A) L 1-2
17/03/20Ellesmere Rngrs (H) Postp
21/03/20Stockport Town (H) 15:00
24/03/20Cammell Laird (A) 19:45
28/03/20Cheadle Heath (H) 15:00
31/03/20New Mills (A) 19:45
04/04/20Vauxhall Mtrs (A) 15:00
07/04/20Ellesmere Rngrs (A) 20:00
11/04/20Barnton (A) 15:00
13/04/20Wythenshawe Town (H) 15:00
18/04/20Maine Road (H) 15:00
21/04/20Alsager Town (H) 19:45
25/04/20Cheadle Town (A) 15:00

Matchday Information

Ground: Hollyhedge Park Community Stadium

Address: Altrincham Road, Sharston, Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester

Postcode: M22 4US

Telephone: 0161 428 0517

Midweek Night: Tuesday

2019/20 Admission Prices: £4 Adults, £2 Concessions, U16s FREE if accompanied by adult

Programme Price: £2.00

Directions: From Manchester : Travel south towards the airport along Princess Road/Parkway (A5103), exit at Junction for Sharston, left at the 1st roundabout onto Altrincham Road (A560), straight ahead at 2nd roundabout, right at 3rd roundabout, through first lights then immediate leftat second lights, still on Altrincham Road, Ground is approx. ½ mile on the right.

From the South : The M56 to Junction 3A for Wythenshawe, right at the roundabout for Sharston onto Altrincham Road (A5600) then as above

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Nearest Railway: Benchill Metrolink

Nearest Bus Route to Ground: From Manchester City Centre - 102,103 to Altrincham Road, Sharston, then walk down Altrincham Road.
From Wythenshawe Town Centre - 11A to Ground

Parking Facilities: Parking on site, overspill car park on Stancliffe Road, Parking on industrial area opposite ground (charge).

Ground Facilities: Open Everyday, Fully Licensed, Sky Sports & BT Sports. Tea bar pitchside, hot pies, burgers, chips etc, hot & cold drinks. Covered stand.

Additional Visitor Information:

Club Information

Legal Entity: Community Benefit Society

Ground: Hollyhedge Park Community Stadium

Address: Altrincham Road, Sharston, Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester

Postcode: M22 4US

Telephone: 0161 428 0517

Website: http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/wythenshaweamateursfc

Twitter: @wythenshaweafc

Registered Colours: Royal Blue & White Striped Shirts, Royal Blue Shorts, Royal Blue & White Hooped Socks

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Green Shirt, Green Shorts, Green Socks

Alternative Colours: Red & Black Striped Shirts, Black Shorts, Black Socks

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Orange Shirt, White Shorts, Orange Socks

Secretary: John Cotton

Chairman: Carl Barratt

Manager: Martin Ivison

Programme Editor: Martin Dillon

Committee / Directors: Carl Barratt, Peter Andrews, John Cotton, Ray Gibson, Stephen Hall, Martin Howe, Neil Owen

County Affiliation: Lancashire FA

Year Formed: 1946

Record Attendance: 583 v. Wythenshawe Town, First Division South, 26th December 2018.

Previous Leagues:

Manchester League
Lancashire &
Cheshire League
Altrincham &
District League
South Manchester &
Wythenshawe League
Manchester Federation of Lads Clubs League


Lancashire FA<

Amateur Cup Winners - 1976, 1990, 1996
Cheshire FA - Altrincham District FA<

Whitaker Cup - Joint holders with Manchester United - 1956
Manchester League<

Premier Division Champions - 1990, 1993, 2003
Division 1 Champions - 1973
Gilgryst Cup Winners - 1986, 1987, 1990, 1999, 2001, 2009, 2018
Norman Noden Memorial Cup Winners - 2009
Lancashire &
Cheshire League<

Premier Division Champions - 1962
Division 1 Champions - 1957
Division 2 Champions - 1955
Rhodes Cup Winners - 1958, 1961, 1972
Hellawell Shield Winners - 1955
South Manchester and Wythenshawe League<

Division 1 Champions - 1953

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