Runcorn Town

Runcorn Town
Paul McManus
Viridor Community Stadium

Current Position: 7th

P W D L F A Pts
31 14 9 8 55 41 51

Current Form: 6th

6 3 1 2 11 7

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
14/03/20Burscough (H)W 5-0
11/03/20Tranmere Rovers (H)L 0-2
07/03/20Squires Gate (A)L 0-2
22/02/20Hanley Town (A)W 3-0
18/02/20Ashton Athletic (A)WON
(2-2 after 90 mins, Runcorn Town won 2-4 on pens)
12/02/20Hanley Town (H)D 1-1

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
04/04/20AFC Liverpool (H)15:00
11/04/20Litherland REMYCA (A)15:00
13/04/20Rylands (H)15:00
18/04/20Skelmersdale United (A)15:00
25/04/20Northwich Victoria (A)15:00

Latest News:

PRESENTATION: Shaun Weaver of Runcorn Town
Shaun Weaver of Runcorn Town receives his January Macron Player of the Month award
PRESENTATION: Adam Reid of Runcorn Town
Goalkeeper Adam Reid of Runcorn Town has been presented with his January Reusch Goalkeeper of the Month award
McManus has strengthened Runcorn who look to push on
Runcorn Town manager McManus has been busy this pre-season as he has strengthened the Cheshire side
Paul McManus appointed as Runcorn Town manager
Runcorn Town have announced the appointment of Paul McManus as their permanent First Team manager.

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Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O Score Goalscorers
Sat 03/08/19Squires Gate H15:00W 2-1 Joe Holt (55)
Craig Cairns (70)
Tue 06/08/19Ashton Athletic A19:45L 1-4 Joe Holt (87)
Sat 10/08/19Rylands H15:00W 2-0 Dave Forbes (35)
Dave Forbes (81)
  (The Emirates F.A Cup EP)
Sat 17/08/19Bootle H15:00W 2-0 Paul McManus (42p)
Craig Cairns (45+1)
Wed 21/08/19Northwich Victoria H19:45W 2-0 Craig Cairns (61)
Paul McManus (79p)
Sat 24/08/19Radcliffe A15:00D 0-0
  (The Emirates F.A Cup P)
Mon 26/08/191874 Northwich H15:00L 2-3 Paul McManus (56p)
Joe Holt (75)
Wed 04/09/19Radcliffe H19:45W 2-1 Kai Wallis (89)
Joe Holt (90+4)
  (The Emirates F.A Cup P R)
Sat 07/09/19Newcastle Benfield A15:00W 3-2 Shaun Weaver (12)
Richie McQuade (48)
Craig Cairns (71)
  (The Emirates F.A Cup 1Q)
Sat 14/09/19West Didsbury & Chorlton H15:00L 0-1
  (The Buildbase FA Vase 2Q)
Wed 18/09/19Charnock Richard H19:45L 1-3 Joe Holt (8)
Sat 21/09/19Farsley Celtic H15:00L 1-3 Aidan Roxburgh (60)
  (The Emirates F.A Cup 2Q)
Tue 24/09/19Hanley TownA19:45Postp
Sat 28/09/19IrlamA15:00Postp
Wed 02/10/19Litherland REMYCA H19:45D 1-1 Joseph Holt (71)
Sat 05/10/19Congleton Town A15:00L 2-4 Craig Cairns (44)
Craig Cairns (74)
Wed 09/10/19Litherland REMYCA H19:45W 4-1 Paul McManus (2)
Joe Holt (54)
Craig Cairns (55)
Joe Holt (90+2)
  (Liverpool Senior Cup 2)
Sat 12/10/19Skelmersdale United H15:00D 0-0
Tue 15/10/19Burscough A19:45W 1-0 Marcus James (67)
Sat 19/10/19Atherton LR H15:00W 5-0 Kai Wallis (4)
Marcus James (40)
Dave Forbes (44p)
Craig Cairns (50)
Dave Forbes (72)
  (The Macron Cup 1)
Wed 23/10/19Chester FC H19:45L 0-7
  (Cheshire Senior Cup 1)
Sat 26/10/19Longridge TownH15:00Postp
Wed 30/10/19Padiham H20:00D 3-3 Liam Turner (14)
Craig Cairns (58)
Craig Cairns (87)
Sat 02/11/19Avro A15:00D 2-2 Craig Cairns (33)
Craig Cairns (85)
Sat 09/11/19Northwich Victoria A15:00W 2-0 Shaun Weaver (38)
Craig Cairns (75)
  (The Macron Cup 2)
Sat 16/11/19Padiham A15:00W 2-0 Kevin Excell (43)
Craig Cairns (50)
Tue 19/11/19IrlamA19:45Postp
Sat 23/11/19Barnoldswick Town A15:00W 2-1 Dave Forbes (45+3)
Simon Thelwell (49)
Tue 26/11/19Hanley TownA19:45Postp
Sat 30/11/19Irlam H15:00L 1-2 Dave Forbes (13)
Sat 07/12/19West Didsbury & Chorlton A13:00W 4-1 David Forbes (34)
Reo Gill (61)
Marcus James (79)
Liam Ward (90+2)
  (The Macron Cup 3)
Tue 10/12/19Longridge TownH19:45Postp
Fri 13/12/19AvroH19:45Postp
Sat 21/12/19Congleton Town H15:00D 2-2 Kev Exell (3)
David Forbes (63)
Thu 26/12/19Rylands A15:00D 1-1 Deklan Hill (90+4)
Sat 28/12/19Ashton Athletic H15:00L 0-1
Sat 04/01/20Whitchurch Alport A15:00W 3-0 David Forbes (40)
David Forbes (45)
Deklan Hill (89)
Tue 07/01/20Bootle A19:45L 0-4
Sat 11/01/20Winsford United A15:00W 1-0 David Forbes (90)
Tue 14/01/20Hanley TownA19:45Postp
Sat 18/01/20Irlam A15:00W 2-1 Kieran Holsgrove (53p)
Kieran Holsgrove (90p)
Wed 22/01/20Avro H19:45W 4-1 Marcus James (4)
Dave Forbes (43)
Craig Cairns (78)
Craig Cairns (86)
Sat 25/01/20Barnoldswick Town H15:00W 3-0 Dave Forbes (29)
Kieran Holsgrove (66p)
Kieran Holsgrove (87p)
Sat 01/02/201874 Northwich A15:00D 1-1 Warren Bellew (12)
Wed 05/02/20Longridge Town H19:45W 3-1 Kieran Holsgrove (31)
Craig Cairns (43)
Dave Forbes (61)
Sat 08/02/20Winsford United H15:00D 2-2 Marcus James (7)
Craig Cairns (29)
Wed 12/02/20Hanley Town H19:45D 1-1 Shaun Weaver (86)
Sat 15/02/20Ashton AthleticA15:00Postp
  (The Macron Cup QF)
Tue 18/02/20Ashton Athletic A19:45WON Craig Cairns (46)
Craig Cairns (90+2)
  (The Macron Cup QF)
  (2-2 after 90 mins, Runcorn Town won 2-4 on pens)
Sat 22/02/20Hanley Town A15:00W 3-0 Declan McGivern (70)
Kevin Exell (79)
Kieran Holsgrove (90)
Wed 26/02/20Tranmere RoversH19:45Postp
  (Liverpool Senior Cup QF)
Sat 29/02/20Charnock RichardA15:00Postp
Sat 07/03/20Squires Gate A15:00L 0-2
Wed 11/03/20Tranmere Rovers H19:45L 0-2
  (Liverpool Senior Cup QF)
Sat 14/03/20Burscough H15:00W 5-0 Kieran Holsgrove (14p)
Craig Cairns (52)
Craig Cairns (53)
Craig Cairns (66)
Marcus James (85)
Wed 18/03/20Whitchurch AlportH19:45Postp
Sat 21/03/20Longridge TownA15:00 
Tue 24/03/20Charnock RichardA19:45 
Fri 27/03/20AFC LiverpoolA19:45 
  (The Macron Cup SF 1)
Sat 04/04/20AFC LiverpoolH15:00 
  (The Macron Cup SF 2)
Sat 11/04/20Litherland REMYCAA15:00 
Mon 13/04/20RylandsH15:00 
Sat 18/04/20Skelmersdale UnitedA15:00 
Sat 25/04/20Northwich VictoriaA15:00 

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
03/08/19Squires Gate (H) W 2-1
06/08/19Ashton Athletic (A) L 1-4
10/08/19Rylands (H) W 2-0
(The Emirates F.A Cup EP)
17/08/19Bootle (H) W 2-0
21/08/19Northwich Vics (H) W 2-0
24/08/19Radcliffe (A) D 0-0
(The Emirates F.A Cup P)
26/08/191874 Northwich (H) L 2-3
04/09/19Radcliffe (H) W 2-1
(The Emirates F.A Cup P R)
07/09/19Newcstle Benfld (A) W 3-2
(The Emirates F.A Cup 1Q)
14/09/19West Didsbury (H) L 0-1
(The Buildbase FA Vase 2Q)
18/09/19Charnock Rich (H) L 1-3
21/09/19Farsley Celtic (H) L 1-3
(The Emirates F.A Cup 2Q)
24/09/19Hanley Town (A) Postp
28/09/19Irlam (A) Postp
02/10/19Lith REMYCA (H) D 1-1
05/10/19Congleton Town (A) L 2-4
09/10/19Lith REMYCA (H) W 4-1
(Liverpool Senior Cup 2)
12/10/19Skelmersdale Utd (H) D 0-0
15/10/19Burscough (A) W 1-0
19/10/19Atherton LR (H) W 5-0
(The Macron Cup 1)
23/10/19Chester FC (H) L 0-7
(Cheshire Senior Cup 1)
26/10/19Longridge Town (H) Postp
30/10/19Padiham (H) D 3-3
02/11/19Avro (A) D 2-2
09/11/19Northwich Vics (A) W 2-0
(The Macron Cup 2)
16/11/19Padiham (A) W 2-0
19/11/19Irlam (A) Postp
23/11/19Barnoldswick Tn (A) W 2-1
26/11/19Hanley Town (A) Postp
30/11/19Irlam (H) L 1-2
07/12/19West Didsbury (A) W 4-1
(The Macron Cup 3)
10/12/19Longridge Town (H) Postp
13/12/19Avro (H) Postp
21/12/19Congleton Town (H) D 2-2
26/12/19Rylands (A) D 1-1
28/12/19Ashton Athletic (H) L 0-1
04/01/20Whitchurch Alp (A) W 3-0
07/01/20Bootle (A) L 0-4
11/01/20Winsford United (A) W 1-0
14/01/20Hanley Town (A) Postp
18/01/20Irlam (A) W 2-1
22/01/20Avro (H) W 4-1
25/01/20Barnoldswick Tn (H) W 3-0
01/02/201874 Northwich (A) D 1-1
05/02/20Longridge Town (H) W 3-1
08/02/20Winsford United (H) D 2-2
12/02/20Hanley Town (H) D 1-1
15/02/20Ashton Athletic (A) Postp
(The Macron Cup QF)
18/02/20Ashton Athletic (A) W
(The Macron Cup QF)
(2-2 after 90 mins, Runcorn Town won 2-4 on pens)
22/02/20Hanley Town (A) W 3-0
26/02/20Tranmere Rovers (H) Postp
(Liverpool Senior Cup QF)
29/02/20Charnock Rich (A) Postp
07/03/20Squires Gate (A) L 0-2
11/03/20Tranmere Rovers (H) L 0-2
(Liverpool Senior Cup QF)
14/03/20Burscough (H) W 5-0
18/03/20Whitchurch Alp (H) Postp
21/03/20Longridge Town (A) 15:00
24/03/20Charnock Rich (A) 19:45
27/03/20AFC Liverpool (A) 19:45
(The Macron Cup SF 1)
04/04/20AFC Liverpool (H) 15:00
(The Macron Cup SF 2)
11/04/20Lith REMYCA (A) 15:00
13/04/20Rylands (H) 15:00
18/04/20Skelmersdale Utd (A) 15:00
25/04/20Northwich Vics (A) 15:00

Matchday Information

Ground: Viridor Community Stadium

Address: Sandy Lane, Weston Point, Runcorn

Postcode: WA7 4ET

Telephone: 07808737773

Midweek Night: Wednesday

2019/20 Admission Prices: £6 Adults, £3 Concessions, Accompanied Under 16s Free

Programme Price: £2.00

Directions: If you are travelling over the new Mersey Gateway Bridge from Widnes to Runcorn, there is a toll of £2.00 each way to cross the bridge. You have until midnight on the day after the game to pay your toll at

If you are coming to Runcorn from the M62, use Junction 7 and get in the right hand lane when crossing the bridge. Stay on the expressway and follow signs for Runcorn Station. As you come off the expressway, turn left at the top of the slip road, left at the t-junction, and left into Pavilions.

If you are coming to Runcorn from the M56, use Junction 12. As you go up the hill on the expressway towards Runcorn, stay in the RIGHT HAND LANE. Come off at the fourth exit signposted Runcorn Station. Turn left at the top of the slip road, left at the t-junction, and left into Pavilions

Please click here to obtain step by step directions from any UK postcode

Nearest Railway: Runcorn (1.0 mile)

Nearest Bus Route to Ground: 3C or 3A bus from Runcorn Station Evening: 20 bus from Runcorn Station

Parking Facilities: Large Car Park for 100 cars available at Pavilions

Ground Facilities: Inside Tea Bar with seating, Covered terraces around ground, Covered seating for 153, Outside and Inside toilets

Additional Visitor Information:

Club Information

Legal Entity: Unincorporated

Ground: Viridor Community Stadium

Address: Sandy Lane, Weston Point, Runcorn

Postcode: WA7 4ET

Telephone: 07808737773


Twitter: @RuncornTown

Registered Colours: Sky & Navy Blue Shirts, Navy Blue Shorts, Sky Blue Socks

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Orange Shirt, Orange Shorts, Orange Socks

Alternative Colours: Red Shirts, Red Shorts, Red Socks

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Yellow Shirt, Yellow Shorts, Yellow Socks

Secretary: Martin Fallon

Chairman: Lindsay Berry

Manager: Paul McManus

Programme Editor: Martin Fallon

Committee / Directors: Alan Bennett, Gary Littlemore, Geoff Goodall, James Holland, Kevin Holland, Lindsay Berry, Martin Fallon, Mike Riley, Roy Roberts, Steve Kinsella, Tony Richards, Tony Riley

County Affiliation: Cheshire

Year Formed: 1968

Record Attendance: 803 v Runcorn Linnets, NWCFL Prem Div, December 2014

Previous Leagues:

West Cheshire League
Warrington &
District League
Runcorn Sunday League


West Cheshire League Two Winners 2006/07
West Cheshire League Two Runners Up 2004/05, 1994/95
Cheshire Amateur Cup Runners Up 1994/95
Pyke Cup Runners Up 2007/08
West Cheshire Bowl Winners 1993/94, 1991/92 Runners Up 2004/05, 1992/23
Bill Weight Memorial Cup Winners 2007/08, 2005/06, 2004/05
Runcorn Senior Cup Winners 2007/08, 2005/06, 2004/05
NWCFL Division 1 Runners Up 2010/11
NWCFL Premier Division Runners Up 2011/12

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