Winsford United

Lee Duckworth
Barton Stadium

Current Position: 17th

P W D L F A Pts
34 9 1 24 53 78 28

Current Form: 13th

6 2 0 4 12 13

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
13/04/24Brocton (A)L 0-3
10/04/24Cammell Laird 1907 (N)W 4-2
08/04/24Cheadle Heath Nomads (A)L 0-2
04/04/24Ashville (H)W 4-0
01/04/24Barnton (A)L 3-4
26/03/24Cheadle Heath Nomads (H)L 1-2

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
No Matches Found

Latest News:

Ross Aikenhead
Winsford United have announced the very sad news about the passing of their player Ross Aikenhead
Winsford United part company with Lee Duckworth
Josh Hine to step up as Interim
New Chairman in at Winsford United FC
Interim Chairman in place as the club look to build for the future.
Winsford United seek Club Physio
Premier Division club Winsford United are looking to add to their backroom team

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O. Score Goalscorers
Sat 29/07/23Alsager Town A15:00L 0-5
Tue 01/08/23Brocton H19:45L 1-4 Ashley Woods (5)
Sat 05/08/23DroylsdenH15:00Postp
Tue 08/08/23Cammell Laird 1907 A19:45L 2-4 David Short (65)
Adam Barlow (75)
Sat 12/08/23Market Drayton Town A15:00L 0-2
Tue 15/08/23Stafford Town H19:45L 0-3
Sat 19/08/23Stockport Town H15:00L 1-4 Thomas Stanton (33)
Tue 22/08/23Ashville A19:45L 0-3
Sat 26/08/23Armthorpe Welfare A15:00LOST Emanuel Roche (54)
Luke Duckworth (90)
  (The Isuzu FA Vase 1Q)
  (2-2 after 90 mins, Armthorpe Welfare won 5-3 on pens)
Mon 28/08/23Maine Road H15:00L 0-1
Sat 02/09/23Stockport Georgians A15:00L 0-2
Tue 05/09/23Droylsden H19:45L 1-3 Jack Hart (55p)
Sat 09/09/23Sandbach United H15:00L 1-2 Thomas Stanton (85)
Sat 16/09/23New Mills A15:00W 5-1 Reece Davies (4)
Thomas Stanton (26p)
Ross Aikenhead (56)
Ross Aikenhead (57)
Jeanny Leblanc-Akpo (87)
Sat 23/09/23Stafford Town A15:00W 7-2 Steven Jenyons (8)
Thomas Stanton (18)
Reece Davies (21)
Reece Davies (38)
Thomas Stanton (75)
Jeanny Leblanc-Akpo (86)
Jeanny Leblanc-Akpo (88)
Sat 30/09/23Abbey Hey H15:00L 2-3 Jeanny Leblanc-Akpo (21)
Jeanny Leblanc-Akpo (71)
Sat 07/10/23Abbey Hulton United H15:00W 4-1 Ezeikel Eme (10)
Steven Jenyons (30)
Reece Davies (55)
Thomas Stanton (90+1)
Tue 10/10/23Abbey Hulton United A19:45W 5-1 Ezeikel Eme (21)
Ezeikel Eme (26)
Ross Aikenhead (64)
Ashley Leather (70)
Ross Aikenhead (79)
  (The Edward Case Cup 1)
Sat 14/10/23Eccleshall H15:00W 2-0 Jeanny Leblanc-Akpo (1)
Reece Davies (17)
Tue 17/10/23Chadderton H19:45L 0-1
  (The Macron Cup 1)
Sat 21/10/23New MillsH15:00Postp
Sat 28/10/23Stockport Georgians H15:00L 1-2 Jeanny Leblanc-Akpo (31)
Tue 31/10/23Stalybridge Celtic A19:45L 3-4 Jeanny Leblanc-Akpo (48p)
Ezeikel Eme (50)
Ezeikel Eme (53)
  (Cheshire Senior Cup 1)
Sat 04/11/23Droylsden A15:00L 1-2 Ezeikel Eme (6)
Sat 11/11/23Market Drayton Town H15:00W 6-0 Own Goal (20)
Steven Jenyons (28)
Ross Aikenhead (29)
Jeanny Leblanc-Akpo (50p)
Luke Duckworth (89p)
Ross Aikenhead (90)
  (The Edward Case Cup 2)
Sat 18/11/23Abbey Hulton UnitedA15:00Postp
Tue 21/11/23New MillsH19:45Postp
Sat 09/12/23Maine RoadA15:00Postp
Sat 16/12/23Abbey Hey A15:00L 1-2 Ross Aikenhead (52p)
Tue 19/12/23Abbey Hulton United A19:45D 1-1 Ross Aikenhead (52p)
Tue 26/12/23Barnton H15:00L 0-4
Sat 30/12/23Cheadle Heath NomadsH14:00Postp
Tue 02/01/24New MillsH19:45Postp
Sat 06/01/24Market Drayton TownH15:00Postp
Sat 20/01/24Alsager Town H15:00L 2-4 Reece Davies (16)
Daniel Kerr (19)
Sat 27/01/24Maine Road A15:00W 3-1 Ross Aikenhead (2)
Ross Aikenhead (40p)
Emanuel Roche (89)
Sat 03/02/24Euxton Villa A15:00LOST Reece Davies (12)
  (The Edward Case Cup QF)
  (1-1 after 90 mins, Euxton Villa won 3-2 on pens)
Wed 07/02/24Barnton A19:45W 2-1 Ross Aikenhead (62)
James Phillips (80)
  (Mid Cheshire Senior Cup 1)
Sat 10/02/24Witton Albion A15:00LOST Ross Aikenhead (5)
Reece Davies (66)
  (Mid Cheshire Senior Cup SF)
  (2-2 after 90 mins, Witton Albion won 3-1 on pens)
Tue 13/02/24Market Drayton TownH19:45Postp
Sat 17/02/24EccleshallA15:00Postp
Tue 20/02/24New MillsH19:45Postp
Sat 24/02/24Cheadle Heath NomadsH15:00Postp
Tue 27/02/24AshvilleH19:45Postp
Sat 02/03/24Stockport Town A15:00L 1-2 Reece Davies (47)
Sat 09/03/24Eccleshall A15:00W 3-1 Joseph Duckworth (14)
Dylan Woods (73)
Joseph Duckworth (75)
Tue 12/03/24New MillsH19:45Postp
Sat 16/03/24Market Drayton Town H13:00W 2-0 Ross Aikenhead (38p)
Ross Aikenhead (67p)
Tue 19/03/24New Mills H19:45L 0-2
Sat 23/03/24Sandbach United A15:00L 0-4
Tue 26/03/24Cheadle Heath Nomads H19:45L 1-2 Harry Short (80)
Sat 30/03/24Cheadle Heath NomadsA15:00Postp
Mon 01/04/24Barnton A15:00L 3-4 Reece Davies (49)
Samuel Cryer (56)
Adam Barlow (88)
Thu 04/04/24Ashville H19:45W 4-0 Ashley Leather (13)
Leandro Tanswell Vargas (33)
Dylan Woods (40)
Kieron Frost (48)
Sat 06/04/24Cammell Laird 1907H15:00Postp
Mon 08/04/24Cheadle Heath Nomads A19:45L 0-2
Wed 10/04/24Cammell Laird 1907 N20:00W 4-2 Leandro Tanswell Vargas (10)
Reece Davies (23)
Reece Davies (28)
Reece Davies (67p)
Sat 13/04/24Brocton A15:00L 0-3

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
Sat 29/07/23Alsager Town (A) L 0-5
Tue 01/08/23Brocton (H) L 1-4
Sat 05/08/23Droylsden (H) Postp
Tue 08/08/23Cammell Laird 1907 (A) L 2-4
Sat 12/08/23Market Drayton Town (A) L 0-2
Tue 15/08/23Stafford Town (H) L 0-3
Sat 19/08/23Stockport Town (H) L 1-4
Tue 22/08/23Ashville (A) L 0-3
Sat 26/08/23Armthorpe Welfare (A) L
(The Isuzu FA Vase 1Q)
(2-2 after 90 mins, Armthorpe Welfare won 5 3 on pens)
Mon 28/08/23Maine Road (H) L 0-1
Sat 02/09/23Stockport Georgians (A) L 0-2
Tue 05/09/23Droylsden (H) L 1-3
Sat 09/09/23Sandbach United (H) L 1-2
Sat 16/09/23New Mills (A) W 5-1
Sat 23/09/23Stafford Town (A) W 7-2
Sat 30/09/23Abbey Hey (H) L 2-3
Sat 07/10/23Abbey Hulton United (H) W 4-1
Tue 10/10/23Abbey Hulton United (A) W 5-1
(The Edward Case Cup 1)
Sat 14/10/23Eccleshall (H) W 2-0
Tue 17/10/23Chadderton (H) L 0-1
(The Macron Cup 1)
Sat 21/10/23New Mills (H) Postp
Sat 28/10/23Stockport Georgians (H) L 1-2
Tue 31/10/23Stalybridge Celtic (A) L 3-4
(Cheshire Senior Cup 1)
Sat 04/11/23Droylsden (A) L 1-2
Sat 11/11/23Market Drayton Town (H) W 6-0
(The Edward Case Cup 2)
Sat 18/11/23Abbey Hulton United (A) Postp
Tue 21/11/23New Mills (H) Postp
Sat 09/12/23Maine Road (A) Postp
Sat 16/12/23Abbey Hey (A) L 1-2
Tue 19/12/23Abbey Hulton United (A) D 1-1
Tue 26/12/23Barnton (H) L 0-4
Sat 30/12/23Cheadle Heath Nomads (H) Postp
Tue 02/01/24New Mills (H) Postp
Sat 06/01/24Market Drayton Town (H) Postp
Sat 20/01/24Alsager Town (H) L 2-4
Sat 27/01/24Maine Road (A) W 3-1
Sat 03/02/24Euxton Villa (A) L
(The Edward Case Cup QF)
(1-1 after 90 mins, Euxton Villa won 3 2 on pens)
Wed 07/02/24Barnton (A) W 2-1
(Mid Cheshire Senior Cup 1)
Sat 10/02/24Witton Albion (A) L
(Mid Cheshire Senior Cup SF)
(2-2 after 90 mins, Witton Albion won 3 1 on pens)
Tue 13/02/24Market Drayton Town (H) Postp
Sat 17/02/24Eccleshall (A) Postp
Tue 20/02/24New Mills (H) Postp
Sat 24/02/24Cheadle Heath Nomads (H) Postp
Tue 27/02/24Ashville (H) Postp
Sat 02/03/24Stockport Town (A) L 1-2
Sat 09/03/24Eccleshall (A) W 3-1
Tue 12/03/24New Mills (H) Postp
Sat 16/03/24Market Drayton Town (H) W 2-0
Tue 19/03/24New Mills (H) L 0-2
Sat 23/03/24Sandbach United (A) L 0-4
Tue 26/03/24Cheadle Heath Nomads (H) L 1-2
Sat 30/03/24Cheadle Heath Nomads (A) Postp
Mon 01/04/24Barnton (A) L 3-4
Thu 04/04/24Ashville (H) W 4-0
Sat 06/04/24Cammell Laird 1907 (H) Postp
Mon 08/04/24Cheadle Heath Nomads (A) L 0-2
Wed 10/04/24Cammell Laird 1907 (H) W 4-2
Sat 13/04/24Brocton (A) L 0-3

Squad Members

Player Name Appearances Goals Reds Yellows Mom
Ross Aikenhead00000
Coby Austin00000
Ishmael Banks00000
Adam Barlow00000
Elliot Booth00000
Neil Chappell00000
Kaydn Craven00000
Samuel Cryer00000
Reece Davies00000
Jamie Dawson00000
Joseph Duckworth00000
Lee Duckworth00000
Luke Duckworth00000
Daniel Evans00000
Kevin Exell00000
Kieron Frost00000
Callum Grogan00000
Conor Harte00000
Joseph Hatch00000
Kieran Herbert00000
Thomas Horton00000
Ryan Hough00000
River Humphreys00000
Dorian Jedrzejczyk00000
Steven Jenyons00000
Andrew Keogh00000
Daniel Kerr00000
Theo Kerrigan00000
Ashley Leather00000
Jeanny Leblanc-Akpo00000
Jerry Legrand-Akpo00000
Jack Leigh00000
Arran Lyons00000
Sam Madeley00000
Jack Marshall00000
Alex May00000
Max McAuley00000
Dominic Murphy00000
Thomas Murray00000
Lateef Oseni00000
Sebastian Osment00000
Joshua Paterson00000
Richard Peters00000
James Phillips00000
Ben Reade00000
Devon Renshaw00000
Jaymie Roberts00000
Emanuel Roche00000
Hayden Ronan00000
Menny Rose00000
Matthew Russell00000
David Short00000
Harry Short00000
Damian Skolorzynski00000
James Slack00000
Adam Stuart00000
Leandro Tanswell Vargas00000
Daniel Thomas00000
Scott Twite00000
Ivan Ugochukwu00000
Jack Wheatley00000
Dylan Woods00000
Daniel Yates00000

Former Squad Members

Player Name Appearances Goals Reds Yellows Mom
Benjamin Chesters00000
Adam Clayton00000
Marcus Dibble00000
Ezeikel Eme00000
Matthew France00000
Jack Hart00000
Joshua Maris00000
Duewaan McKennon00000
Thomas Stanton00000
Matthew Waller00000
Ashley Woods00000

Staff Members

Lee Duckworth Manager
Marc Feighery Coach
Steven Foden Sports Therapist
Joshua Hine Coach
Stuart Humphreys Coach
Asad Shafiq Assistant Coach
James Standing Coach
Antony Young Coach

Matchday Information

Ground: Barton Stadium

Address: Wharton Road, Winsford, Cheshire

Postcode: CW7 3AE

Telephone: 01606558447

Midweek Night: Tuesday

2023/24 Admission Prices: Adult £6, Concession £4, Under 16 £1.

Programme Price: £2.00

Directions: M6 to Junction 19, follow A556 westwards until slip road for the A533, follow A533 until roundabout, onto the industrial estate, turn right at that roundabout and take the A5018 until next roundabout, bear left onto Wharton Roard to the Top House pub, turn left onto Kingsway and left again to ground.

M6 to Junction 18, follow A54 through Middlewich for approx. 3 miles, at Winsford Railway Station bear right at round-a-bout, follow road for approx. 1 mile, turn right into Kingsway, ground is on the right.

Nearest Railway: Winsford (18 minutes walk, 0.9 miles)

Nearest Bus Route to Ground: Several bus services have stops near to the ground. Ask for Wharton Road and Station Road.

Parking Facilities: There is a large car park outside the ground for any visiting supporters with 107 spaces

Ground Facilities: A Café serving hot and cold drinks, pies, chips, burgers and hot dogs will be open before and during the match next to the side of the main stand nearest the turnstiles. The clubhouse is fully licenced with a wide range of alcoholic and soft drinks.

Toilets can be found on the Kingsway side and next to the main stand opposite the Café entrance, there is also a disabled toilet.

Additional Visitor Information:

Club Information

Legal Entity: Winsford United Football Club Limited C/N 0435726

Ground: Barton Stadium

Address: Wharton Road, Winsford, Cheshire

Postcode: CW7 3AE

Telephone: 01606558447

Website: No website

Twitter: @WinsfordUnited

Registered Colours: Blue and White Shirts, Blue Shorts, Blue/White Socks.

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Pink Shirt, Shorts, & Socks.

Alternative Colours: Black and White Shirts, Black Shorts, White/Black Socks.

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Yellow Shirt, Shorts, & Socks.

Secretary: Steve Mckenna

Chairman: Anthony Duckworth

Manager: Lee Duckworth

Programme Editor: Liam Donaldson

Committee / Directors: Raymond Duckworth, Anthony Duckworth, Steve Mckenna.

County Affiliation: Cheshire FA

Year Formed: 1883

Record Attendance: 8,000 v Witton Albion 1947

Previous Leagues:

Northern Premier League
Cheshire County League


Cheshire Amateur Cup Winners 1900-01, 1902-03
Cheshire League Champions 1920-21, 1976-77
Cheshire League Cup Winners 1949-50, 1955-56, 1959-60, 1976-77, 1978-79, 1979-80, 1980-81
Cheshire Senior Cup Winners 1958-59, 1979-80, 1992-93
Mid-Cheshire Senior Cup Winners 1991-92, 1992-93, 1994-95, 2007-08, 2012-13
Runners Up 2009/10, 2017/18.
Northern Premier League Div 1 Runners up 1991-92
Northern Premier League Premier Division Runners up 1992-93
NWCFL Division 2 Trophy Finalists 2005-06
NWCFL Division 2 Champions 2006-07
NWCFL Challenge Cup Winners 2010-11

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