League Statement: Darwen Vs South Liverpool Abandoned Game 12/08/23

Fri 6th October 2023 | Announcements
By Media Team

LEAGUE STATEMENT: Darwen v. South Liverpool abandoned game played on 12th August 2023

The League Management Committee make the following statement regarding the game between Darwen and South Liverpool on 12 August 2023, that was abandoned in the 63rd minute with the score being Darwen 1 South Liverpool 2.

The disciplinary process has now been completed by the respective governing bodies and Darwen FC has been found in breach of FA and North West Counties League Rules.

Lancashire FA have applied their sanction and at the Management Committee Meeting held on 4th October 2023 and have applied League Rule 8.38 which states  “In the event of a match being abandoned due to the conduct of one Club or its members or supporters the Board has the power to order that the match is not replayed and to award either one or three points to the Club not at fault. It cannot levy a financial penalty due to the conduct of a Club”.

The Committee decision on the matter is the score at the time of the abandonment is to stand as the result of the game.

Furthermore, The Committee have instructed Darwen FC to display posters in prominent positions around the ground, print in their match day programme and include in all Official Club Social Media Outlets a warning concerning the conduct of spectators at all matches.

The NWCFL has also warned the club that in the event of a repeat occurrence, consideration will be given to the following sanctions:

1: Play one or more home matches behind closed doors.

2: A ban on serving alcohol from 1 hour before kick off to 1 hour after the end of the game.

3: Implement League Rule 2.18 “If during the course of a season, the Board decide that the organisation and management or finances of a particular Club fall below the standards appropriate to membership of the Competition, the Competition Secretary shall be instructed to warn the Club at once that it may be excluded from membership of the Competition at the end of that playing season. Such a Club shall have the right to appeal to The FA within 14 days of the date of notification of the Board’s decision.”


4: As per League Rule 4.12 “In the event of any issue concerning the membership of any Club with the Competition, the Board may require a Bond to be paid by or on behalf of the Club on such terms and for such period as it may in its entire discretion think fit.”

The club is also instructed to have adequate stewards in place for preventative action and to eject from the ground any person/s not complying to the FA Ground Regulations, which includes spectator behaviour.

The North West Counties League reiterate the importance of clubs having adequate match day controls in place to manage spectators and will not tolerate poor behaviour of any supporters of any club which targets match officials, players of officials from any club.

The NWCFL will not be releasing any further statement on this issue.


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