Statement Regarding Stockport Sports

Fri 6th February 2015 | Announcements
By Ian Templeman

The League Management Committee wish to issue the following statement with regard to Stockport Sports.

The Club failed to comply with Management Committee instructions regarding confirmed notification of venues for their remaining home fixtures by 24th January 2015, a deadline issued by the Committee.

The Club was then notified of the implementation of League Rule 4.6, which states:

"If a Club fails to comply with an order or instruction of the Board within fourteen days of notification of such order or instruction, or within fourteen days of an operative date specified in that order or instruction, it shall not be allowed to play or take part in the business of the Company until the expiry of 7 days from the day the order or instruction is complied with".

As yet, no indication has been received from the Club that they will be able to comply with the instructions regarding a venue for home fixtures.

The Club are also currently suspended by Cheshire County FA for a failure to fulfil their financial obligations to the County.

In addition, Stockport Sports have been given a further deadline with regard to settlement of outstanding debts to the League, which will expire on 12th February 2015.

A further statement will be issued on this matter if the situation changes.

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