Bacup Borough
Brent Peters
Brian Boys West View Stadium

Current Position: 5th

P W D L F A Pts
34 17 6 11 81 54 57

Current Form: 7th

6 3 1 2 8 7

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
14/05/16Barnton (A)L 0-2
  (AET, 0-0 after 90 mins)
09/05/16Stockport Town (A)W 2-0
07/05/16Daisy Hill (H)D 2-2
04/05/16Ashton Town (H)W 2-0
30/04/16Ashton Town (A)W 2-1
27/04/16St Helens Town (A)L 0-4

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
No Matches Found

Latest News:

New Sponsorship Deal Announced At Bacup Borough
Bacup Borough have announced a partnership with local car dealer Perrys of Nelson.
Club Of The Month Presentation - Bacup Borough - September 2015
Bacup Borough won the Division One Club of the Month award in September.
Bacup Borough Complete Presidential Signing
Bacup Borough completed the signing of their first Honarary President, Elizabeth Alker of BBC 6Music, at the home game against Atherton LR on Wednesday evening.
Bacup Borough Sign Former Oldham Athletic Star
Bacup Borough have fought off interest from several other clubs to secure the signature of former Oldham Athletic player Kelvin Trippier.

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Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O Score Goalscorers
Sat 08/08/15Cheadle TownH15:00D 5-5 Adrian Bellamy (10)
Matty Bryan (25)
Adrian Bellamy (38)
Benjamin Boyne (42p)
Benjamin Boyne (64)
Tue 11/08/15Holker Old BoysA19:45L 2-5 Benjamin Boyne (18p)
Matthew Bryan (43)
Sat 15/08/15Runcorn TownA15:00L 0-3
  (The Emirates F.A Cup EP)
Wed 19/08/15Atherton LRH20:00L 2-3 Matty Bryan (25)
Simon Thompson (67)
Sat 22/08/15Stockport TownA15:00L 2-3 Simon Thompson (16)
Darcy O`Connor (58)
Tue 25/08/15ChaddertonA19:45D 0-0
Sat 29/08/15Northwich Manchester VillaH15:00W 4-2 Gareth Wager (7)
Kelvin Trippier (53)
Matthew Barlow (67)
Benjamin Boyne (81)
Sat 05/09/15Worsborough Bridge AthleticH15:00W 4-0 Matt Barlow (4)
Simon Thompson (40)
Kelvin Trippier (61)
Matt Barlow (83)
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q)
Sat 12/09/15EccleshallA15:00W 1-0 Simon Thompson (57)
Sat 19/09/15Hanley TownH15:00W 2-1 Kevin Masirika (17)
Yves Zama (78)
Sat 26/09/15Rochdale TownA15:00W 3-0 Matthew Barlow (63)
Matthew Barlow (79)
Kelvin Trippier (90)
Sat 03/10/15Hemsworth Miners WelfareH15:00L 0-1
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 2Q)
Sat 10/10/15Litherland REMYCAH15:00W 2-1 Matthew Bryan (20)
Thomas Black (75)
Wed 14/10/15Stockport TownH20:00D 1-1 Thomas Black (53)
Sat 17/10/15ChaddertonA15:00L 0-2
  (The Reusch First Division Cup 1)
Sat 24/10/15Hanley TownA15:00W 4-2 Kelvin Trippier (41)
Thomas Black (53)
Shane Bottles (79)
Matthew Dell (89)
  (The Men United Cup 2)
Wed 28/10/15Rochdale TownH20:00W 9-2 Thomas Black (5)
Thomas Black (20)
Thomas Black (30)
Darcy O`Connor (39)
Kelvin Trippier (45)
Kelvin Trippier (62)
Shane Birtles (64)
Kelvin Trippier (81)
Matthew Dell (90)
Sat 31/10/15BarntonA15:00L 0-2
Sat 07/11/15EccleshallH15:00Postp
Wed 11/11/15ClitheroeH20:00Postp
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
Sat 14/11/15Whitchurch AlportH15:00Postp
Sat 21/11/15Hanley TownA15:00L 0-1
Wed 25/11/15ClitheroeH15:00Postp
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
Sat 28/11/15Atherton CollieriesH15:00Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Tue 01/12/15ClitheroeA19:45L 1-2 Adrian Bellamy (67)
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
Sat 05/12/15Northwich Manchester VillaA15:00Postp
Sat 12/12/15ChaddertonH15:00Postp
Wed 16/12/15Atherton CollieriesH19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 19/12/15Cheadle TownA15:00L 0-3
Sat 26/12/15Holker Old BoysH15:00Postp
Sat 02/01/16WidnesA15:00L 2-5 Jamie Higgins (66)
Kelvin Tripper (81)
Sat 09/01/16Litherland REMYCAA15:00Postp
Wed 13/01/16Atherton CollieriesH19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 16/01/16Ashton TownH15:00Postp
Sat 23/01/16Atherton LRA15:00W 4-0 Michael Gervinho (32)
Anthony Hall (60)
Darcy O`Conner (67)
Kelvin Tripper (90p)
Tue 26/01/16Atherton CollieriesH19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Thu 28/01/16Atherton CollieriesA19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 30/01/16IrlamA15:00W 4-1 Kelvin Tripper (10p)
Thomas Black (60)
Joshua Walne (76)
Own Goal (80)
Sat 06/02/16St Helens TownA15:00Postp
Sat 13/02/16IrlamH15:00Postp
Sat 20/02/16St Helens TownH15:00Postp
Mon 22/02/16Atherton CollieriesA19:45L 1-5 Matthew Barlow (82p)
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 27/02/16Litherland REMYCAA15:00W 1-0 Kelvin Trippier (65p)
Wed 02/03/16Ashton TownH20:00Postp
Sat 05/03/16Northwich Manchester VillaA15:00Postp
Sat 12/03/16Daisy HillA15:00L 0-3
Wed 16/03/16ChaddertonH20:00L 0-1
Sat 19/03/16St Helens TownH15:00D 3-3 Matthew Barlow (26)
Matthew Barlow (39)
Matthew Barlow (68)
Wed 23/03/16Northwich Manchester VillaA19:45W 2-0 Matthew Barlow (9)
Matthew Barlow (23)
Sat 26/03/16WidnesH15:00W 6-0 Anthony Hall (10)
Matthew Barlow (20p)
Anthony Hall (36)
Kelvin Trippier (39)
Michael Gervin (42)
Anthony Hall (43)
Mon 28/03/16Daisy HillH15:00Postp
Sat 02/04/16Whitchurch AlportA15:00W 5-1 Michael Gervin (20)
Matthew Barlow (37)
Kelvin Trippier (68)
Michael Gervin (74)
Jordan Rutter (90)
Wed 06/04/16Holker Old BoysH20:00Postp
Sat 09/04/16EccleshallH15:00W 3-1 Jordan Rutter (1)
Matthew Barlow (13)
Yves Zama (36)
Wed 13/04/16Ashton TownH20:00Postp
Sat 16/04/16Whitchurch AlportH15:00W 7-0 Matthew Bryan (17)
Anthony Hall (36)
Matthew Barlow (42p)
Gareth Wager (51)
Arron Kirk (70)
Yves Zama (75)
Adrian Bellamy (80)
Wed 20/04/16IrlamH20:00L 0-1
Sat 23/04/16BarntonH15:00D 1-1 Shane Birtles (44)
Mon 25/04/16Holker Old BoysH20:00W 4-1 Anthony Hall (64)
Michael Gervin (68)
Matthew Barlow (75)
Matthew Barlow (82)
Wed 27/04/16St Helens TownA19:45L 0-4
Sat 30/04/16Ashton TownA15:00W 2-1 Yves Zama (15)
Anthony Hall (89)
Wed 04/05/16Ashton TownH20:00W 2-0 Kelvin Trippier (29)
Matthew Dell (90)
Sat 07/05/16Daisy HillH15:00D 2-2 Adrian Bellamy (26)
Oluwatobi Olayemi (40)
Mon 09/05/16Stockport TownA20:00W 2-0 Matthew Bell (11)
Adrian Bellamy (36)
  (First Division Play Off SF)
Sat 14/05/16BarntonA15:00L 0-2
  (First Division Play Off F)
  (AET, 0-0 after 90 mins)

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
08/08/15Cheadle Town (H) D 5-5
11/08/15Holker OB (A) L 2-5
15/08/15Runcorn Town (A) L 0-3
(The Emirates F.A Cup EP)
19/08/15Atherton LR (H) L 2-3
22/08/15Stockport Town (A) L 2-3
25/08/15Chadderton (A) D 0-0
29/08/15Northwich MV (H) W 4-2
05/09/15Worsborough BA (H) W 4-0
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q)
12/09/15Eccleshall (A) W 1-0
19/09/15Hanley Town (H) W 2-1
26/09/15Rochdale Town (A) W 3-0
03/10/15Hemsworth MW (H) L 0-1
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 2Q)
10/10/15Lith REMYCA (H) W 2-1
14/10/15Stockport Town (H) D 1-1
17/10/15Chadderton (A) L 0-2
(The Reusch First Division Cup 1)
24/10/15Hanley Town (A) W 4-2
(The Men United Cup 2)
28/10/15Rochdale Town (H) W 9-2
31/10/15Barnton (A) L 0-2
07/11/15Eccleshall (H) Postp
11/11/15Clitheroe (H) Postp
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
14/11/15Whitchurch Alp (H) Postp
21/11/15Hanley Town (A) L 0-1
25/11/15Clitheroe (H) Postp
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
28/11/15Atherton Colls (H) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
01/12/15Clitheroe (A) L 1-2
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
05/12/15Northwich MV (A) Postp
12/12/15Chadderton (H) Postp
16/12/15Atherton Colls (H) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
19/12/15Cheadle Town (A) L 0-3
26/12/15Holker OB (H) Postp
02/01/16Widnes (A) L 2-5
09/01/16Lith REMYCA (A) Postp
13/01/16Atherton Colls (H) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
16/01/16Ashton Town (H) Postp
23/01/16Atherton LR (A) W 4-0
26/01/16Atherton Colls (H) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
28/01/16Atherton Colls (A) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
30/01/16Irlam (A) W 4-1
06/02/16St Helens Town (A) Postp
13/02/16Irlam (H) Postp
20/02/16St Helens Town (H) Postp
22/02/16Atherton Colls (A) L 1-5
(The Men United Cup 3)
27/02/16Lith REMYCA (A) W 1-0
02/03/16Ashton Town (H) Postp
05/03/16Northwich MV (A) Postp
12/03/16Daisy Hill (A) L 0-3
16/03/16Chadderton (H) L 0-1
19/03/16St Helens Town (H) D 3-3
23/03/16Northwich MV (A) W 2-0
26/03/16Widnes (H) W 6-0
28/03/16Daisy Hill (H) Postp
02/04/16Whitchurch Alp (A) W 5-1
06/04/16Holker OB (H) Postp
09/04/16Eccleshall (H) W 3-1
13/04/16Ashton Town (H) Postp
16/04/16Whitchurch Alp (H) W 7-0
20/04/16Irlam (H) L 0-1
23/04/16Barnton (H) D 1-1
25/04/16Holker OB (H) W 4-1
27/04/16St Helens Town (A) L 0-4
30/04/16Ashton Town (A) W 2-1
04/05/16Ashton Town (H) W 2-0
07/05/16Daisy Hill (H) D 2-2
09/05/16Stockport Town (A) W 2-0
(First Division Play Off SF)
14/05/16Barnton (A) L 0-2
(First Division Play Off F)
(AET, 0-0 after 90 mins)

Squad Details

Player Name Appearances Goals Cards Mom
  Start Sub Start Sub Red Yellow  
Junaid Ashfaq1100000
Gilbert Baffour0000000
Davison Banda22600150
Marlon Barlow7200000
Matthew Barlow270170173
Adrian Bellamy43060050
Laquan Biney6200020
Shane Birtles39130071
Thomas Black11252101
Benjamin Boyne9421012
Matthew Bryan39040123
Joshua Burke6600000
Calvin Crooks0000000
Jos De Vries3401000
Matthew Dell81013000
Daniel Garman (GK)1000000
Michael Gervin21541011
Anthony Hall14961133
Joshua Harris (GK)13000001
Kyle Hendley2000000
Thomas Hendley2000000
Kyle Herrington0000000
Jamie Higgins15401020
Daniel Holt0200000
Arron Kirk7010013
Jon Lewis (GK)1000000
Louis Martini1000000
Kelvin Masirika6110000
Lewis Monahan (GK)0000000
Peter Monteith (GK)28000021
Oluwatobi Olayemi2810000
Lee Oldham0000000
Darcy O`Connor331302102
Martin Peters1000000
Jordan Rutter7920000
Ryan Saxon0000000
Thomas Smith0000000
Nicholas Taylor4600101
Simon Thompson6240031
Kelvin Trippier430140066
Joshua Walne10810011
Sylvester Yeboah0100010
Yves Zama6721003

* Indicates player is no longer a member of the squad

Other Current Squad Members

Andrew Barlow First Team Coach
Ferre Edwards First Team Coach
Jonathan Henery Sports Therapist
Kevin Jelley Goalkeeper Coach
Brent Peters Manager
Gareth Wager First Aider

Matchday Information

Ground: Brian Boys West View Stadium

Address: Cowtoot Lane, Blackthorn, Bacup, Lancashire

Postcode: OL13 8EE

Telephone: 01706 878655

Midweek Night: Wednesday

2015/16 Admission Prices:

Directions: M62/M60 onto M66, follow to end signed Rawtenstall. Continue for approx 4 miles to Bacup, turn left into Burnley Road, turn right before the Irwell Inn into Cooper Street. At top of hill turn right and second left into Cowtoot Lane.

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Club Information

Legal Entity: Bacup Borough Football Club Limited C/N 5957213

Ground: Brian Boys West View Stadium

Address: Cowtoot Lane, Blackthorn, Bacup, Lancashire

Postcode: OL13 8EE

Telephone: 01706 878655


Twitter: @BacupBoro

Registered Colours: White Shirts, Black Shorts, Black Stockings

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Tangerine Shirts, Tangerine Shorts, Tangerine Stockings

Alternative Colours: Yellow & Blue Shirts, Yellow & Blue Shorts, Yellow & Blue Stockings

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Tangerine Shirts, Tangerine Shorts, Tangerine Stockings


Chairman: Frank Manning

Manager: Brent Peters

Programme Editor: Michael Carr

Committee / Directors: Brent Peters, Natalie Peters, Sandy Wilkie, Paul Fitton, Debra O`Connor, Ian Taylor

County Affiliation: Lancashire FA

Year Formed: 1878

Record Attendance: 2,000 v. F.C. United of Manchester, February 2007

Previous Leagues:

Lancashire Combination


Lancashire Junior Cup Winners 1910-11
Lancashire Junior Cup Runners Up 1922-23, 1974-75
Lancashire Combination League Champions 1946-47
Lancashire Combination Cup Runners Up 1946-47, 1980-81
NWCFL Division Two Runners Up 1989-90
NWCFL Second Division Trophy Runners Up 2000-01
NWCFL Second Division Champions 2002-03
NWCFL Challenge Cup Winners 2003-04, 2011-12