Ashton Athletic
Jay Foulds, Ben Kay & Dougie Pitts
Brocstedes Park

Current Position: 7th

P W D L F A Pts
42 17 10 15 73 68 61

Current Form: 11th

6 3 0 3 12 11

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
07/05/16Squires Gate (H)L 0-2
05/05/16Atherton Collieries (H)W 2-0
03/05/16Abbey Hey (H)L 1-2
30/04/16AFC Darwen (A)W 3-2
26/04/16Padiham (H)L 2-4
23/04/16AFC Liverpool (A)W 4-1

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
No Matches Found

Latest News:

Vacancy At Ashton Athletic
Ashton Athletic are seeking a qualified Coach/Manager to run its Development Squad.
More County Cup Success For Young Yellows
Ashton Athletic's Under 18 side captured their third County Cup in succession, when they lifted the Lancashire FA Under 18 Youth Cup on Sunday.
The Story So Far At Ashton Athletic
Ashton Athletic's management trio of Jay Foulds, Ben Kay and Dougie Pitts are looking to shuffle the pack in the second half of the season, in a move to improve their team's consistency.
Club Of The Month Presentation - November 2015
Ashton Athletic won the Premier Division Club of the Month award for November.

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Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O Score Goalscorers
Sat 08/08/15AFC DarwenH15:00W 1-0 Ritchie Livingston (80)
Tue 11/08/15Runcorn LinnetsA19:45W 1-0 Paul Watson (68)
Sat 15/08/15Maltby MainH15:00D 2-2 Callum Mahoney (38)
Aaron Morris (74)
  (The Emirates F.A Cup EP)
Wed 19/08/15Maltby MainA19:45L 2-3 Callum Mahoney (44)
Callum Mahoney (49)
  (The Emirates F.A Cup EP R)
Sat 22/08/15PadihamA15:00L 1-2 Callus Mahoney (80)
Tue 25/08/15AFC BlackpoolH19:45L 0-1
Sat 29/08/15NelsonA15:00D 0-0
Tue 01/09/15SilsdenA19:45D 2-2 Adam Gilchrist (8)
Ryan Small (77)
Sat 05/09/15Atherton CollieriesH15:00D 0-0
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q)
  (AET, 0-0 after 90 mins)
Mon 07/09/15Atherton CollieriesA19:45L 1-3 Paul Watson (5)
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q R)
Sat 12/09/15Squires GateA15:00D 0-0
Tue 15/09/15West Didsbury & ChorltonH19:45W 3-0 Luke Holden (32)
Isaacs Kusaloka (71)
Adam Howard (90)
Sat 19/09/15BootleA15:00L 2-3 Ryan Small (70)
Daniel Reegan (82)
Mon 21/09/15Maine RoadA19:45W 1-0 Daniel Smith (1)
Sat 26/09/15AFC LiverpoolH15:00W 4-2 Adam Gilchrist (15)
Isaacs Kusaloka (17)
Richard Livingston (47)
Isaacs Kusaloka (68)
Sat 03/10/15Runcorn LinnetsH15:00L 0-3
Tue 06/10/151874 NorthwichH19:45W 4-0 Richard Livingston (20)
Ian Rowlands (32)
Adam Gilchrist (55)
Daniel Regan (86)
Sat 10/10/15Alsager TownA15:00D 3-3 Ryan Small (6)
Darrell Hale (84)
Louis Edwards (90)
Mon 12/10/15Winsford UnitedA19:45L 0-2
Sat 17/10/15BootleH15:00L 2-3 Aaron Morris (3)
Richard Livingston (6)
Tue 20/10/15ColneH19:45L 1-3 Daniel Smith (83)
Sat 24/10/15Barnoldswick TownA15:00W 3-1 Jon Robinson (15)
Own Goal (79)
Daniel Smith (90)
  (The Men United Cup 2)
Tue 27/10/15AFC BlackpoolA19:45W 3-2 Aaron Morris (37)
Jon Robinson (53p)
Dean Midgeley (75)
Sat 31/10/15Maine RoadH15:00L 0-2
Sat 07/11/15Congleton TownA15:00W 2-0 Own Goal (21)
Ian Rowlands (65)
Tue 10/11/15AFC FyldeA19:45W 2-0 Daniel Smith (45)
Daniel Smith (83)
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
Sat 14/11/15Barnoldswick TownH15:00Postp
Tue 17/11/15Winsford UnitedH19:45D 2-2 Daniel Smith (7)
Richard Livingston (75)
Sat 28/11/151874 NorthwichA15:00Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Mon 30/11/15Runcorn TownA19:45Postp
Sat 05/12/15AFC DarwenA15:00Postp
Sat 12/12/15PadihamH15:00Postp
Tue 15/12/15Lancaster CityA19:45L 0-2
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy QF)
Sat 19/12/15West Didsbury & ChorltonA15:00W 3-0 Ian Rowlands (4)
Daniel Smith (41)
Daniel Smith (52)
Tue 22/12/151874 NorthwichA19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 26/12/15Cammell Laird 1907A15:00Postp
Sat 02/01/16Atherton CollieriesA15:00L 0-1
Tue 05/01/161874 NorthwichH19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 09/01/16Congleton TownH15:00Postp
Tue 12/01/161874 NorthwichH19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 16/01/16AFC LiverpoolA15:00Postp
Tue 19/01/161874 NorthwichA19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 23/01/16SilsdenH15:00D 2-2 Luke Holden (51)
Mathew Blakeley (66)
Tue 26/01/161874 NorthwichA19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Thu 28/01/161874 NorthwichH19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 30/01/16Runcorn TownH15:00Postp
Sat 06/02/16Barnoldswick TownA15:00Postp
Tue 09/02/16PadihamH19:45Postp
Sat 13/02/161874 NorthwichH15:00WON Sam Bailey (79)
Daniel Smith (91p)
  (The Men United Cup 3)
  (2-2 AET, 1-1 after 90 mins, Ashton Athletic won 8-7 on pens)
Tue 16/02/16Abbey HeyA19:45W 2-0 Francis Barry (12)
Ian Rowlands (68)
Sat 20/02/16Alsager TownH15:00D 1-1 Francis Barry (70)
Wed 24/02/16AFC DarwenA19:45Aband
Sat 27/02/16BarntonA15:00L 1-3 Isaac Kusaloka (57)
  (The Men United Cup QF)
Tue 01/03/16Runcorn TownH19:45Postp
Sat 05/03/16Abbey HeyH15:00Postp
Tue 08/03/16Cammell Laird 1907A19:45D 2-2 Francis Barry (38)
Francis Barry (54)
Sat 12/03/16NelsonH15:00W 2-1 Heath Ainscow (8)
Isaac Kusaloka (75)
Tue 15/03/16Runcorn TownH19:45D 1-1 Isaac Kusaloka (51)
Tue 22/03/16Congleton TownH19:45L 1-4 Isaac Kusaloka (38)
Tue 29/03/16Cammell Laird 1907H19:45Postp
Sat 02/04/16Atherton CollieriesH15:00Postp
Tue 05/04/161874 NorthwichA19:45L 1-3 Paul Watson (53)
Sat 09/04/16Barnoldswick TownH15:00W 4-2 Sam Bailey (28)
Daniel Smith (35)
Paul Watson (39)
Luke Holden (75)
Mon 11/04/16Runcorn TownA19:45W 4-1 Francis Barry (14)
Isaac Kusaloka (51)
Daniel Smith (56)
Sam Bailey (59)
Thu 14/04/16Cammell Laird 1907H19:45W 2-1 Joel Brownhill (4)
Daniel Regan (79)
Sat 16/04/16ColneA15:00L 2-6 Joel Brownhill (48p)
Isaac Kusaloka (62)
Tue 19/04/16Barnoldswick TownA19:45D 2-2 Daniel Regan (44). Joel Brownhill (47)
Sat 23/04/16AFC LiverpoolA15:00W 4-1 Isaac Kusaloka (11)
Daniel Smith (27)
Isaac Kusaloka (31)
Alex Ashby (51)
Tue 26/04/16PadihamH19:45L 2-4 Daniel Smith (26)
Isaac Kusaloka (58)
Sat 30/04/16AFC DarwenA15:00W 3-2 Mark Kelly (38)
Daniel Smith (53)
Daniel Smith (59)
Tue 03/05/16Abbey HeyH19:45L 1-2 Heath Ainscow (32)
Thu 05/05/16Atherton CollieriesH19:45W 2-0 Isaac Kusaloka (12)
Isaac Kusaloka (22)
Sat 07/05/16Squires GateH15:00L 0-2

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
08/08/15AFC Darwen (H) W 1-0
11/08/15Runcorn Linnets (A) W 1-0
15/08/15Maltby Main (H) D 2-2
(The Emirates F.A Cup EP)
19/08/15Maltby Main (A) L 2-3
(The Emirates F.A Cup EP R)
22/08/15Padiham (A) L 1-2
25/08/15AFC Blackpool (H) L 0-1
29/08/15Nelson (A) D 0-0
01/09/15Silsden (A) D 2-2
05/09/15Atherton Colls (H) D 0-0
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q)
(AET, 0-0 after 90 mins)
07/09/15Atherton Colls (A) L 1-3
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q R)
12/09/15Squires Gate (A) D 0-0
15/09/15West Did & Chor (H) W 3-0
19/09/15Bootle (A) L 2-3
21/09/15Maine Road (A) W 1-0
26/09/15AFC Liverpool (H) W 4-2
03/10/15Runcorn Linnets (H) L 0-3
06/10/151874 Northwich (H) W 4-0
10/10/15Alsager Town (A) D 3-3
12/10/15Winsford United (A) L 0-2
17/10/15Bootle (H) L 2-3
20/10/15Colne (H) L 1-3
24/10/15Barnoldswick Tn (A) W 3-1
(The Men United Cup 2)
27/10/15AFC Blackpool (A) W 3-2
31/10/15Maine Road (H) L 0-2
07/11/15Congleton Town (A) W 2-0
10/11/15AFC Fylde (A) W 2-0
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
14/11/15Barnoldswick Tn (H) Postp
17/11/15Winsford United (H) D 2-2
28/11/151874 Northwich (A) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
30/11/15Runcorn Town (A) Postp
05/12/15AFC Darwen (A) Postp
12/12/15Padiham (H) Postp
15/12/15Lancaster City (A) L 0-2
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy QF)
19/12/15West Did & Chor (A) W 3-0
22/12/151874 Northwich (A) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
26/12/15Cammell Laird (A) Postp
02/01/16Atherton Colls (A) L 0-1
05/01/161874 Northwich (H) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
09/01/16Congleton Town (H) Postp
12/01/161874 Northwich (H) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
16/01/16AFC Liverpool (A) Postp
19/01/161874 Northwich (A) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
23/01/16Silsden (H) D 2-2
26/01/161874 Northwich (A) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
28/01/161874 Northwich (H) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
30/01/16Runcorn Town (H) Postp
06/02/16Barnoldswick Tn (A) Postp
09/02/16Padiham (H) Postp
13/02/161874 Northwich (H) W
(The Men United Cup 3)
(2-2 AET, 1-1 after 90 mins, Ashton Athletic won 8-7 on pens)
16/02/16Abbey Hey (A) W 2-0
20/02/16Alsager Town (H) D 1-1
24/02/16AFC Darwen (A) Aband
27/02/16Barnton (A) L 1-3
(The Men United Cup QF)
01/03/16Runcorn Town (H) Postp
05/03/16Abbey Hey (H) Postp
08/03/16Cammell Laird (A) D 2-2
12/03/16Nelson (H) W 2-1
15/03/16Runcorn Town (H) D 1-1
22/03/16Congleton Town (H) L 1-4
29/03/16Cammell Laird (H) Postp
02/04/16Atherton Colls (H) Postp
05/04/161874 Northwich (A) L 1-3
09/04/16Barnoldswick Tn (H) W 4-2
11/04/16Runcorn Town (A) W 4-1
14/04/16Cammell Laird (H) W 2-1
16/04/16Colne (A) L 2-6
19/04/16Barnoldswick Tn (A) D 2-2
23/04/16AFC Liverpool (A) W 4-1
26/04/16Padiham (H) L 2-4
30/04/16AFC Darwen (A) W 3-2
03/05/16Abbey Hey (H) L 1-2
05/05/16Atherton Colls (H) W 2-0
07/05/16Squires Gate (H) L 0-2

Squad Details

Player Name Appearances Goals Cards Mom
  Start Sub Start Sub Red Yellow  
Emini Adegbenro *0300000
Heath Ainscow8620000
Alex Ashby6210020
Samuel Bailey28730020
Francis Barry8150002
Matthew Blakeley3201000
Daniel Blythe5200000
Joel Brownhill24130114
David Burrows0000000
Dean Callaway0000000
Paul Casey *13100010
Aaron Cringle13400020
Louis Edwards *17200000
Luke Gibson *0000000
Adam Gilchrist141630000
Shane Glean5100000
Daniel Greene *0000000
Darrell Hale1101000
Luke Holden37230043
Adam Howard29210011
Jack Hurst0000000
Thomas Jackson0200000
Mark Kelly7010000
Isaac Kusaloka221140017
Adam Lawrence *0000000
Richard Livingston13650100
Callum Mahoney9340000
Matthew Mahoney2000000
Louis McGrath0100000
Dean Midgley5010002
Aaron Morris *81130010
Martin Pearson (GK)51000005
Daniel Regan38731086
John Riley9400010
Jon Robinson5020000
Matthew Rochford9000001
Ian Rowlands31140055
Michael Rowlinson6700000
Wade Rutherford10200001
Luke Sephton *0100000
Ryan Small7321021
Daniel Smith3010141000
Thomas Smyth4000100
Keane Stanley (GK)0000000
Jordan Unsworth0200000
Paul Watson39540033
Christopher Webster5200000
Philip Williams *0600000
Michael Wood9000000

* Indicates player is no longer a member of the squad

Other Current Squad Members

Jason Foulds Manager
Alison Houghton Physio
Stephen Kay Manager
Matthew Mason Coach
Darren Mullen Coach
Paul Piert Coach
Douglas Pitts Manager
John Roberts Secretary
Philip Taylor Kitman
James Whyte Chairman

Matchday Information

Ground: Brocstedes Park

Address: Downall Green, Ashton in Makerfield

Postcode: WN4 0NR

Telephone: 01942 716360

Midweek Night: Tuesday

2015/16 Admission Prices: £5 adults, £3 concessions, £1 children under 15

Directions: From South: M6 to junction 25, turn right onto A49, after 1/2 mile turn right into Soughers Lane, at T junction turn right into Downall Green Road, pass over M6 and turn 2nd right into Boothbrow Road, turn 2nd right in Brocstedes Road. From North: M6 to junction 24, rejoin north bound M6 to junction 25, directions as above.

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Club Information

Legal Entity: Unincorporated

Ground: Brocstedes Park

Address: Downall Green, Ashton in Makerfield

Postcode: WN4 0NR

Telephone: 01942 716360


Twitter: @AshtonAthletic

Registered Colours: Yellow Shirts, Blue Shorts, Yellow Stockings

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Grey Shirt, Grey Shorts, Grey Stockings

Alternative Colours: Maroon Shirts, Maroon Shorts, Maroon Stockings

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Sky Blue Shirt, Black Shorts, Black Stockings

Secretary: J.S. (Taffy) Roberts

Chairman: James Whyte

Manager: Jay Foulds, Ben Kay & Dougie Pitts

Programme Editor: J.S. (Taffy) Roberts

Committee / Directors: James Whyte, Taffy Roberts, James Witherington, Bill Bohannon, Peter Richardson, Brad Reid, Malc Hodkinson, B. North, P. Davies, Mike Birch, Claire Reid, Amanda Dixon, John Rennox, L. Davies

County Affiliation: Lancashire F.A.

Year Formed: 1968

Record Attendance: 202 v 1874 Northwich (14/2/2015)

Previous Leagues:

Lancashire Combination
Manchester League


Atherton Charity Cup winners 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09.
NWCFL Challenge Cup Winners 2013/14.