Atherton Collieries
Michael Clegg
Alder Street

Current Position: 3rd

P W D L F A Pts
42 25 9 8 113 66 84

Current Form: 14th

6 2 1 3 13 15

Last Six Matches:

Date Opponent Score
10/05/16Colne (N)W 5-1
07/05/16Barnoldswick Town (A)L 1-5
05/05/16Ashton Athletic (A)L 0-2
30/04/16Congleton Town (H)W 2-1
28/04/16Alsager Town (A)L 2-3
25/04/16Nelson (H)D 3-3

Next Six Matches:

Date Opponent K.O.
No Matches Found

Latest News:

Premier Division Player Of The Month Presentation - Mark Battersby
Mark Battersby of Atherton Collieries won the Premier Division Player of the Month award in February.
Player Of The Month Presentation - Jordan Cover
Jordan Cover of Atherton Collieries won the Premier Division Player of the Month award in November.
Colls Aim To Keep Winning Run Going
Despite having their last two games postponed due to the weather, Atherton Collieries manager Michael Clegg is looking for his side to keep their momentum and the good run of form going during Decembe
Colls Host Remembrance Day Commemoration
Atherton Collieries played host to the start of the annual Remembrance Day procession through Atherton last Sunday.

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Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition H/A K.O Score Goalscorers
Sat 08/08/15West Didsbury & ChorltonA15:00W 2-1 Nathan Battersby (88)
Nathan Battersby (90)
Mon 10/08/15PadihamH19:45L 2-4 James Kirby (1)
Mark Truffas (11)
Sat 15/08/15BootleA15:00W 2-0 Kris Holt (23)
Ben Hardcaslte (77)
  (The Emirates F.A Cup EP)
Mon 17/08/15Maine RoadH19:45W 4-3 Mark Battersby (16p)
Mark Truffas (22)
James Kirby (33)
Mark Battersby (65)
Sat 22/08/151874 NorthwichH15:00L 1-3 Mark Truffas (36)
Tue 25/08/15Squires GateA19:45W 4-3 Mark Battersby (6p)
Ben Hardcastle (20)
Ben Hardcastle (32)
James Kirby (67)
Sat 29/08/15Brighouse TownA15:00D 1-1 Ben Hardcastle (56)
  (The Emirates F.A Cup P)
Mon 31/08/15Brighouse TownH15:00L 1-2 Ben Hardcastle (41)
  (The Emirates F.A Cup P R)
Sat 05/09/15Ashton AthleticA15:00D 0-0
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q)
  (AET, 0-0 after 90 mins)
Mon 07/09/15Ashton AthleticH19:45W 3-1 Mark Battersby (30)
James Moore (34)
Mark Battersby (80)
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q R)
Mon 07/09/15Runcorn TownA19:45Postp
Sat 12/09/15BootleH15:00L 0-1
Mon 14/09/15Barnoldswick TownH19:45D 1-1 Mark Truffas (16)
Sat 19/09/15Runcorn LinnetsA15:00W 4-1 James Kirby (51)
Kristian Holt (57)
James Kirby (72)
James Kirby (84)
Fri 25/09/15NelsonA19:45W 4-3 James Kirby (53)
Jordan Cover (63)
Mark Battersby (p69)
Jordan Cover (86)
Tue 29/09/15AFC BlackpoolA19:45W 4-1 Mark Truffas (27)
Jordan Cover (51p)
James Kirby (54)
Jordan Cover (58)
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy 1)
Fri 02/10/15Atherton LRH19:45W 6-2 Ben Hardcastle (26)
Matt Boland (37)
Matt Boland (59)
Matt Grimshaw (74)
Jordan Cover (75)
Ben Hardcastle (86)
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 2Q)
Tue 06/10/15Cammell Laird 1907A19:45W 4-3 Jordan Cover (11)
Jordan Cover (32)
Jordan Cover (58)
Mark Battersby (68)
Sat 10/10/15Winsford UnitedA15:00D 1-1 Mark Battersby (24)
Mon 12/10/15Maine RoadA19:45D 2-2 Jordan Cover (17)
Kristian Holt (88)
Sat 17/10/15Alsager TownH15:00W 4-2 Ben Hardcastle (2)
Ben Hardcastle (20)
Ben Hardcastle (43)
Jonathan Hurst (83)
Mon 19/10/15Squires GateH19:45W 5-2 Callum Jones (15)
Mark Truffas (49)
Ben Hardcastle (68)
Jacob Jones (74)
Ben Hardcastle (90)
Fri 23/10/15Litherland REMYCAH19:45W 2-0 Mark Battersby (70)
Dave Sherlock (89)
  (The Men United Cup 2)
Sat 31/10/15Newcastle BenfieldH15:00W 2-0 Mark Truffas (35)
Mark Truffas (47)
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1)
Tue 03/11/15ColneA19:45Postp
Sat 07/11/15AFC BlackpoolA15:00Postp
Tue 10/11/15West Didsbury & ChorltonA19:45W 4-0 Mark Battersby (27p)
Jordan Cover (31)
Ben Hardcastle (36)
Dave Sherlock (90)
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
Sat 14/11/15AFC DarwenA15:00Postp
Mon 16/11/15SilsdenH19:45W 7-2 Jordan Cover (2)
Mark Truffas (8)
Own Goal (25)
Ben Hardcastle (47)
Dave Sherlock (57)
Callum Jones (70)
Jordan Cover (90)
Fri 20/11/15ChaddertonH20:00Postp
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 2)
Mon 23/11/15ChaddertonH20:00W 3-0 Jordan Cover (12)
Mark Battersby (72)
Jordan Cover (90)
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 2)
Wed 25/11/15AFC DarwenA19:45Postp
Sat 28/11/15Bacup BoroughA15:00Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Mon 30/11/15ColneH19:45Postp
Sat 05/12/151874 NorthwichA15:00W 3-1 Own Goal (13)
Mark Battersby (44p)
Jake Kenny (88)
Mon 07/12/15PadihamH19:45L 2-4 Mark Battersby (30)
Jacob Jones (70)
  (Lancashire Challenge Trophy QF)
Sat 12/12/15Newton AycliffeA15:00Postp
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 3)
Tue 15/12/15Newton AycliffeA19:45Postp
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 3)
Wed 16/12/15Bacup BoroughA19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 19/12/15SilsdenA15:00W 3-0 Mark Battersby (4)
Gareth Peet (56)
Mark Battersby (89)
Mon 21/12/15ColneH19:45Postp
Tue 22/12/15Newton AycliffeA19:45Postp
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 3)
Sat 26/12/15Abbey HeyA15:00Postp
Sat 02/01/16Ashton AthleticH15:00W 1-0 Mark Ayres (66)
Tue 05/01/16Newton AycliffeA19:45Postp
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 3)
Sat 09/01/16Newton AycliffeA15:00Postp
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 3)
Sat 09/01/16Runcorn LinnetsH15:00Postp
Tue 12/01/16Newton AycliffeN19:45L 0-1
  (F.A. Carlsberg Vase 3Q)
  (at Durham City FC)
Wed 13/01/16Bacup BoroughA19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 16/01/16BootleA15:00Postp
Mon 18/01/16ColneH19:45Postp
Sat 23/01/16Congleton TownA15:00W 2-1 Nathan Battersby (77)
Dave Sherlock (90)
Tue 26/01/16Bacup BoroughA19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Thu 28/01/16Bacup BoroughH19:45Postp
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 30/01/16Cammell Laird 1907H15:00W 3-1 Bradley Cooke (28)
Mark Battersby (40)
Mark Ayres (49)
Tue 02/02/16AFC BlackpoolA19:45Postp
Tue 02/02/16BootleA19:45W 5-2 Jordon Cover (55)
Mark Ayres (39p)
Mark Truffas (66)
Kristian Holt (78)
Dave Sherlock (87)
Fri 05/02/16NelsonH19:45Aband
Wed 10/02/16AFC DarwenA19:45W 7-3 Mark Truffas (22)
Mark Battersby (34p)
Dave Sherlock (45)
Dave Sherlock (52)
Mark Battersby (66)
Dave Sherlock (79)
Mark Battersby (82)
Sat 13/02/16Abbey HeyA15:00L 1-2 Mark Battersby (58)
Mon 15/02/16AFC LiverpoolH19:45W 5-1 Mark Battersby (18)
Mark Battersby (43)
Gareth Peet (50)
Jamal Branker (63)
Mark Battersby (85)
Sat 20/02/16Congleton TownH15:00Postp
Mon 22/02/16Bacup BoroughH19:45W 5-1 Jordan Cover (10)
Jordan Cover (21)
Mark Battersby (23)
Mark Ayres (43)
Mark Battersby (67)
  (The Men United Cup 3)
Sat 27/02/16Runcorn TownA15:00W 3-0 Mark Battersby (29)
Ben Hardcastle (84)
Bradley Cooke (90)
  (The Men United Cup QF)
Mon 29/02/16ColneH19:45W 3-0 Mark Ayres (19)
Mark Ayres (49)
Jordan Cover (57)
Sat 05/03/16AFC LiverpoolA15:00D 0-0
Mon 07/03/16AFC DarwenH19:45W 6-1 Vinny Bailey (37)
Mark Battersby (42)
James Kirby (49)
Jordan Cover (65)
Mark Battersby (70)
Jordan Cover (84)
Sat 12/03/16PadihamA15:00D 1-1 Jordan Cover (81)
Mon 14/03/16Runcorn LinnetsH19:45L 0-2
Sat 19/03/16Runcorn TownH15:00W 4-0 Jordan Cover (3)
Jordan Cover (28)
Mark Battersby (65)
Mark Battersby (72)
Tue 22/03/16AFC BlackpoolA19:45W 3-1 Brad Cooke (33)
Mark Ayres (85p)
Ben Hardcastle (87)
Sat 26/03/16BarntonH15:00W 1-0 Mark Truffas (17)
  (The Men United Cup SF)
Mon 28/03/16Abbey HeyH15:00D 0-0
Sat 02/04/16Ashton AthleticA15:00Postp
Mon 04/04/16Winsford UnitedH19:45W 4-1 Jordan Cover (11)
Jordan Cover (23)
Jordan Cover (45)
James Kirby (81p)
Sat 09/04/16Alsager TownA15:00Postp
Tue 12/04/16ColneA19:45Postp
Sat 16/04/16West Didsbury & ChorltonH15:00W 2-0 Bradley Cooke (11)
James Kirby (78)
Mon 18/04/16Runcorn TownA19:45W 4-0 Mark Battersby (52)
James Kirby (55)
Mark Battersby (86)
Matt Grimshaw (90)
Thu 21/04/16ColneA19:45D 1-1 Ben Hardcastle (15)
Sat 23/04/16AFC BlackpoolH15:00D 2-2 Jordan Cover (6)
Mark Ayres (89p)
Mon 25/04/16NelsonH19:45D 3-3 Mark Ayres (63)
Mark Ayres (75p)
Jordan Cover (77)
Thu 28/04/16Alsager TownA20:00L 2-3 Jordan Cover (85)
Mark Ayres (90)
Sat 30/04/16Congleton TownH15:00W 2-1 James Kirby (29)
Mark Ayres (90)
Thu 05/05/16Ashton AthleticA19:45L 0-2
Sat 07/05/16Barnoldswick TownA15:00L 1-5 James Kirby (84)
Tue 10/05/16ColneN19:45W 5-1 Jordan Cover (3)
Mark Battersby (13)
Ben Hardcastle (56)
Mark Battersby (75)
Mark Battersby (90)
  (The Men United Cup F)
  (Admission: Adults £6-00 Concessions £4-00)

Fixtures & Results

Date Opposition KO/Score
08/08/15West Did & Chor (A) W 2-1
10/08/15Padiham (H) L 2-4
15/08/15Bootle (A) W 2-0
(The Emirates F.A Cup EP)
17/08/15Maine Road (H) W 4-3
22/08/151874 Northwich (H) L 1-3
25/08/15Squires Gate (A) W 4-3
29/08/15Brighouse Town (A) D 1-1
(The Emirates F.A Cup P)
31/08/15Brighouse Town (H) L 1-2
(The Emirates F.A Cup P R)
05/09/15Ashton Athletic (A) D 0-0
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q)
(AET, 0-0 after 90 mins)
07/09/15Ashton Athletic (H) W 3-1
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1Q R)
07/09/15Runcorn Town (A) Postp
12/09/15Bootle (H) L 0-1
14/09/15Barnoldswick Tn (H) D 1-1
19/09/15Runcorn Linnets (A) W 4-1
25/09/15Nelson (A) W 4-3
29/09/15AFC Blackpool (A) W 4-1
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy 1)
02/10/15Atherton LR (H) W 6-2
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 2Q)
06/10/15Cammell Laird (A) W 4-3
10/10/15Winsford United (A) D 1-1
12/10/15Maine Road (A) D 2-2
17/10/15Alsager Town (H) W 4-2
19/10/15Squires Gate (H) W 5-2
23/10/15Lith REMYCA (H) W 2-0
(The Men United Cup 2)
31/10/15Newcstle Benfld (H) W 2-0
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 1)
03/11/15Colne (A) Postp
07/11/15AFC Blackpool (A) Postp
10/11/15West Did & Chor (A) W 4-0
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy 2)
14/11/15AFC Darwen (A) Postp
16/11/15Silsden (H) W 7-2
20/11/15Chadderton (H) Postp
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 2)
23/11/15Chadderton (H) W 3-0
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 2)
25/11/15AFC Darwen (A) Postp
28/11/15Bacup Borough (A) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
30/11/15Colne (H) Postp
05/12/151874 Northwich (A) W 3-1
07/12/15Padiham (H) L 2-4
(Lancashire Challenge Trophy QF)
12/12/15Newton Ayc (A) Postp
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 3)
15/12/15Newton Ayc (A) Postp
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 3)
16/12/15Bacup Borough (A) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
19/12/15Silsden (A) W 3-0
21/12/15Colne (H) Postp
22/12/15Newton Ayc (A) Postp
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 3)
26/12/15Abbey Hey (A) Postp
02/01/16Ashton Athletic (H) W 1-0
05/01/16Newton Ayc (A) Postp
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 3)
09/01/16Newton Ayc (A) Postp
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 3)
09/01/16Runcorn Linnets (H) Postp
12/01/16Newton Ayc (A) L 0-1
(F.A. Carlsberg Vase 3Q)
13/01/16Bacup Borough (A) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
16/01/16Bootle (A) Postp
18/01/16Colne (H) Postp
23/01/16Congleton Town (A) W 2-1
26/01/16Bacup Borough (A) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
28/01/16Bacup Borough (H) Postp
(The Men United Cup 3)
30/01/16Cammell Laird (H) W 3-1
02/02/16AFC Blackpool (A) Postp
02/02/16Bootle (A) W 5-2
05/02/16Nelson (H) Aband
10/02/16AFC Darwen (A) W 7-3
13/02/16Abbey Hey (A) L 1-2
15/02/16AFC Liverpool (H) W 5-1
20/02/16Congleton Town (H) Postp
22/02/16Bacup Borough (H) W 5-1
(The Men United Cup 3)
27/02/16Runcorn Town (A) W 3-0
(The Men United Cup QF)
29/02/16Colne (H) W 3-0
05/03/16AFC Liverpool (A) D 0-0
07/03/16AFC Darwen (H) W 6-1
12/03/16Padiham (A) D 1-1
14/03/16Runcorn Linnets (H) L 0-2
19/03/16Runcorn Town (H) W 4-0
22/03/16AFC Blackpool (A) W 3-1
26/03/16Barnton (H) W 1-0
(The Men United Cup SF)
28/03/16Abbey Hey (H) D 0-0
02/04/16Ashton Athletic (A) Postp
04/04/16Winsford United (H) W 4-1
09/04/16Alsager Town (A) Postp
12/04/16Colne (A) Postp
16/04/16West Did & Chor (H) W 2-0
18/04/16Runcorn Town (A) W 4-0
21/04/16Colne (A) D 1-1
23/04/16AFC Blackpool (H) D 2-2
25/04/16Nelson (H) D 3-3
28/04/16Alsager Town (A) L 2-3
30/04/16Congleton Town (H) W 2-1
05/05/16Ashton Athletic (A) L 0-2
07/05/16Barnoldswick Tn (A) L 1-5
10/05/16Colne (H) W 5-1
(The Men United Cup F)

Squad Details

Player Name Appearances Goals Cards Mom
  Start Sub Start Sub Red Yellow  
Dennon Ashcroft *0000000
Mark Ayres5011110112
Vincent Bailey3010001
James Ball2100001
Mark Battersby4303501510
Nathan Battersby30612051
Matthew Boland *6420000
Jamall Branker *1601000
Dominic Butler0300000
Lewis Coleman0600000
Bradley Cooke34540062
Jordan Cover2917246034
Matthew Cross *2000000
Mark Drew0200000
Steven Dryden (GK) *3000000
Ross Farrington0000000
Luke Giverin1000000
Matthew Grimshaw36520132
Ben Hardcastle507171038
Kyle Haslam (GK)3000000
Kristian Holt36831061
Paul Hughes (GK) *1000000
Jonathan Hurst4701000
Jack Iley0100000
Callum Jones22220240
Jacob Jones6811010
Jake Kenny31710110
James Kirby192095022
Joshua Messer32900041
James Moore *12310000
Gareth Peet34420023
Justin Pickering9200000
Adam Reid (GK)12000001
Robert Sadler (GK)0000000
David Sherlock251062030
Ahmed Sulay5800101
Daniel Taberner (GK)40000100
Mark Truffas438120053
Keith Wedge *22200020

* Indicates player is no longer a member of the squad

Other Current Squad Members

Benjamin Ash Physio
Michael Clegg Manager
Andrew Heald Player / Coach
Warren Jones Assistant Manager

Matchday Information

Ground: Alder Street

Address: Atherton, Greater Manchester

Postcode: M46 9EY

Telephone: 07968 548056

Midweek Night: Monday

2015/16 Admission Prices: Adults £5, Concessions £3

Directions: M61 to junction 5, follow sign for Westhoughton, turn left onto A6, turn right onto A579 (Newbrook Road/Bolton Road) into Atherton. At first set of traffic lights turn left into High Street, then second left into Alder Street to ground.

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Club Information

Legal Entity: Atherton Collieries FC Limited C/N 0742002

Ground: Alder Street

Address: Atherton, Greater Manchester

Postcode: M46 9EY

Telephone: 07968 548056


Twitter: @ACFC1916

Registered Colours: Black & White Striped Shirts, Black Shorts, Black Stockings

Registered Goalkeeper Colours: Green Shirt, Green Shorts, Green Stockings

Alternative Colours: Yellow Shirts, Yellow Shorts, Yellow Stockings

Alternative Goalkeeper Colours: Green Shirt, Green Shorts, Green Stockings

Secretary: Emil Anderson

Chairman: Paul Gregory

Manager: Michael Clegg

Programme Editor: Joseph Gibbons

Committee / Directors: Paul Gregory, Paul Humphreys, Emil Anderson

County Affiliation: Lancashire FA

Year Formed: 1916

Record Attendance: 3,300 in Lancashire Combination 1920`s

Previous Leagues:

Bolton Combination
Lancashire Combination
Cheshire County League


Lancashire County F.A. Shield Winners: 1919/20, 1922/23, 1941/42, 1945/46, 1956/57, 1964/65
North West Counties Football League
Third Division Champions 1986/87
Second Division Runners Up 1995/96
First Division Champions 2014/15
League Challenge Cup Runners Up 2001/02, 2014/15
First Division Trophy Winners 2010/11
Runners Up 1991/92, 2014/15
Floodlit Trophy Finalists 1994/95
Bridge Shield Winners 1985/86
Goldline Trophy Winners 2001/02
Bolton Hospital Cup Winners
1973/74, 1986/87, 2011/12